Co-op class help

I am working on developing a high school co-op class that will help students figure out what they want to do after high school. The main body of the class will be for the students to search online for jobs they have not heard of or thought about ( getting them to think beyond your typical lawyer, doctor mindset.) We will then discuss these jobs together as a class to find the pros and cons with that job, what would they need to do in terms of college/ experience to get the job etc. They will also learn job related things like what are the different types of retirement plan options, how to write a resume and how to nail an interview. For the resume/ interview end of things, i wanted to have the kids read a book about one or both of these topics. There are so many out there but it is so hard to tell if they are good or bad or appropriate for high schoolers. Does anyone know of a good book covering resume writing and/ or the interview process, preferably one that has a Christian viewpoint. Thank you so much.

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