Christian friendly early readers about dinosaurs?

Sooo… I have a child who wants to read about dinosaurs, but I’m not sure where to look? I’d like something from a Christian perspective (no evolution,cavemen) that she can read. It would need to be an early reader. Something that is a 2nd grade leveled text, maybe younger?

Any help is really appreciated!

We have the following set from Answers in Genesis (That’s the place to go to!) and my children just Love it! It’s a really good place to start:

They also have many other products on this topic listed in the link below:

And I have been considering this one at Master Books:

I’m not sure which products are best for an early reader, but if you look at some samples you will be able to tell.
I hope this helps!


I agree with @GC123, Answers in Genesis and Masterbooks have great books for all ages. Here is a link to Masterbooks

I don’t know your child’s age, but Dinosaurs:Stars of the Show looks very easy to read. What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? has a longer text but not difficult.

You can also search by grade level and look at the PDF preview to see the reading level, or even email them asking for recommended books for your child’s age.

Hope this helps!