Chrismtas Gift Ideas!?

Hi friends! I posted my 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas post today, along with some fun giveaways too so make sure to check that out!

What are some of your favorite gift ideas? Here are some of the things we’re giving our kiddos:

Tinkerbell is getting an assortment of Duct Tape rolls in various colors/patterns. She’s a duct tape creator LOL! She’s also getting one of those Fuji Instant cameras which she’s been asking for for years! And, an extremely large pig stuffed animal LOL! Which I’m sure I’ll regret.

Turbo is getting some video game stuff and trading cards and I still need another fun idea for him? I feel like boys can be so hard to buy for!

Strawberry Shortcake is getting an art set, LEGOs, and some Bath & Body Works stuff.

And Miss Lady Bug is getting a Calico Critter House, and an oversized Unicorn (again, probably regret this as well LOL! TOO MANY STUFFED ANIMALS!)

Then I usually get small little things like finger nail polish, ornaments, tooth brush, fuzzy socks, or whatever for stocking stuffers.

What are you guys gifting your kids this year?
Happy December, it’ officially okay to talk about Christmas LOL!

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We chose this year to get our 3 one large gift each (something they would not expect to receive), so the two older ones (ages 9 and 7) are getting LARGE Lego sets and the 4 year old is getting a large Playmobil set (and my husband is VERY excited about the addition of over 3000 tiny pieces to our household . . . LOL!).

Some other fun things on our list are walkie talkies for the two youngers (both boys) and a camera/video camera for the 9 year old (girl). We found a really reasonable one for under $30 that got really good reviews.

I am also making several gifts and this year, but for the first time, I chose to also buy some hand-made items from Etsy rather than try to do it all myself. I found a great little set of 6 Rescue Bot felt masks that were intricate and beyond my felt-mask sewing capabilities. :smile: But as far as what I am making, my 9 year old daughter is getting several new hand-made doll dresses and a boa-style knitted scarf and possibly even some furniture for her 18 inch size dolls. My 7 year old asked for a purple mask and cape so he can be Bible Man! :smile: No clue what to make the youngest though–any ideas? I’d like to make something for each of them, but I am out of ideas for him. I made drawstring bags, capes, masks, pillow pocket buddies (thank you @erica for that great tutorial!), and even a stuffed animal for him last year. So now I am coming up with nothing to make him this year! They are all getting pajama pants that I am also making (which makes me wonder why I am typing and not somewhere sewing at the moment . . . )

As for games, this year I went with games for my middle son mainly and purchased Laser Maze Logic and the Chima Lego game. I can’t wait to hear other ideas (although I am now DONE with shopping)!


Great ideas @Forchristandkids!! I love the Bible Man one!

For your younger one, an idea would be to make a fishing game with different colored felt and some cotton fabric for the fish, and velcro. Also making a “fishing rod” that picks up the fish with a felt/velcro hook. I made this for my son a few of years ago and he still plays with it. Something else would be a playmat for cars. You can personalize it with places from your own town/city that you go to, your home, and dad’s workplace, parks, zoo, etc. I also made this for the same son and he loves it. Crocheted animal hats are cute, too. It can be a frog, or a fox, etc.
If I think of something else I will let you know. Happy gift making!!


@GC123 Thank you for these ideas! The little guy has a few magnetic fishing sets, but I love that idea! I also made them a playmat for cars when they got their room “re-do” this past spring. But I also love the idea of personalizing it with our local places! I am excited to make the Bible Man costume–my 7 year old and 4 year old boys run around together playing Bible Man with their little pocket New Testament Bibles. It is the cutest thing! :smile: Are you making some things this year?

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@Forchristandkids I haven’t been as busy making gifts as I’d like to be but I did make a felt horse mask for my daughter who asked for one (I found a 3D pattern on Etsy), a crocheted fox head for my son’s bedroom wall (pattern book from Knitpicks), a knitted barn for the knitted hen and chicks I had made last year, and I plan on making a few pillowcases with crocheted edges for the girls, some more crocheted animal hats, an a knitted “polly dolly” (from a cute pattern book) doll and dresses for my 4yo daughter (I made one for my 10yo daughter when she was 6 and gave her a wooden dress rack and hangers I found on amazon, and she still loves it, so I plan on gifting each of the girls one to keep hopefully forever).
I also made a flannel gown for my oldest last year, so I want to make some for the younger ones. ( inspiration from here: )
There are a few more things I have in mind to make for the children, mostly clothing.
I’d love to hear more of your handmade items, as well!