Choosing a Grapevine Study

I would really like to start my kids on a Grapevine study, but am having trouble figuring out which one. We read the Jesus Storybook Bible everyday and that makes me think that starting with the beginner/pre-k level might not be necessary. My kids are 6 and 4, so I’m wondering if the Level 1 traceable would be good for the 4 year old and the regular student book would work for my 6 year old? I’ve been looking at them for a while and just can’t seem to make a decision! Thanks for any advice you can give me :smile:

I am want to use Grapevine, i know it’s a perfect fit for my son! I spoke to the company on the phone, and they gave me some clarification for our situation. But, honestly, I’m still im bit confused:/ I’m torn between beginner and level 1…not to much difference so I suppose it doesn’t matter. As long as my son is studying Gods word, I don’t think the level matters😋 we also read that same story bible:) sorry I’m of no real help!

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Level 1 should be perfect for your 6 year old and traceable for your 4 year old. A lot of the differences are with how much space they give for drawing but since it’s stick figuring it doesn’t take a whole lot of space at all. There also is some difference in level of words that you might have them define or the number of verses to memorize… But you can always skip or reduce those parts. You’re going to LOVE it! I have really enjoyed going deeply into the Old Testament with my daughter over the past 2 years. My son will be joining us in the Fall for the New Testament! Hope this helps!


Can you give me some clarification on the TE? 1 TE covers all the books in each level? I’m really confused by that:/

The Level 1 Teacher’s Manual can also be used for Level 2 Student Books. There is 1 manual for each section of the study (i.e. Creation to Jacob or Joseph to the Promise Land.)

I’m not 100% sure how the teacher’s manuals correlate to the Traceble student book but since the drawings are there already to be traced you can just direct your younger child based off of the directions in the Level 1 Tchr manual.

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Thanks alimaree for your help!

Our Grapevine curriculum is the one area that my son (kinder) really loves. I wanted to start easy so I purchased the traceable for him. He said the other day it was his favorite subject. He really retains a lot of the information as well. I love Grapevine studies and I’ve learned too!


Thanks for the information everyone! I look forward to starting my kids on Level 1!

Mary, I think that the Level 1 and Level 1 Traceable would work great in your situation. I would try the samples for these just to make sure.



Great question about the difference between Beginner and Level 1 :smile: The Beginners studies focus on introducing the main accounts of the Bible. In Level 1, students are introduced to the Bible timeline, read more Scripture, and the drawings have a bit more complex.

My 7.5 yr old isn’t a strong reader, poor fluency, but has a heart for God and loves to draw:) he works between a grade 1-2 level, should I start with level 1?

That’s great! I somehow didn’t find the samples, I’m so excited to try! Thank you Dianna!

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I think Level 1 would be a great place to start with your son. Boys seem to do better with more room to draw, and the Level 1 gives them that space. The main thing for him is to enjoy the Word of God and learn, even if that means you read to him for a time. Sounds like you are setting a good example, if he is loving the Word of God at such an early age! :blush:

I’ve been looking into starting a grapevine study in the fall also. Currently we are just doing a simple preschool daily devotional. It only takes us about 5-10 minutes to read the devotional, discuss how it applies to our lives, and then pray. I’d like to do a little more this fall. My girls will be 3.5 and 5 in the fall so I am looking at the beginners series. My only concern is that there are only 20 daily lessons in each book. That will only last roughly a month. The books are 12.50 each and teacher edition 22.50. That seems really high to me for so few lessons. I saw how they can be done as 10 weekly lessons also, but I would rather do a short lesson every day. Those of you who have used this before, how did you use it? Daily or weekly? Is there another comparable curriculum out there that has more lessons at a preschool/kinder level?

We have been working through the Old Testament studies since this fall. My boys are a little older (5.5 and 7) and we have been doing level 2, but this is how we structure our lessons. Each lesson has about 8 pictures to draw, plus a timeline review, and a lesson review. We do the timeline review on the first day, draw 2 pictures from the lesson each following day (so that takes us 4 days), and do one final lesson review day where they draw their favorite picture from the story. In all, it takes us 6 days to get through one lesson. We started in the fall and we are just about finished with Old Testament Parts 1 and 2. We also took a couple of weeks around Christmas to do the Birth of Jesus study. Hope that helps a little bit. You can easily stretch it out to cover short lessons every day. I see it actually working wonders for my boys and their retention of the details of every story.


We use grapevine at home for our Bible time during school (we use level one and my daughter just turned 6) and my husband (a Children’s pastor) just started using it on Sunday mornings with the kids! He uses the level 2 with kids from ages 3 yrs-6th grade. Obviously, the littler ones need some help and we have a few adults that help them as they draw (or the older kids!) but if your 4 yr. old can draw at all, I think you could get away with doing the level 1 for both kids. They drawing is very easy to do and I think he would be more engaged if he was getting to try instead of just trace a few lines. Have fun with it and remember to take it at your own pace! We do 1 lesson a week (for homeschool), breaking it into 2-3 days. My husband usually takes 2 weeks to complete one full lesson (he only sees the kids for an hour on Sundays and he also includes worship, prayer, reflection, etc. so the actual lesson time isn’t very long). We hope you love it as much as our family does! :smile: