Children's interest in Public School?

Have any of your children ever expressed an interest in completing home schooling and joining the public school system? If so, what are your thoughts?

Yes. My oldest(who is almost 21) decided to go to high school at our public school. It took us the whole summer after 8th grade to decide if that was the right thing to do. He wanted to be a veterinarian and I wasn’t sure I could give him what he needed to get into college and eventually vet school. We made a list of pros and cons. We toured the school and met the superintendant, principal and some teachers. In the end we made the decision that he would go. He really thrived! He was a straight A student for all 4 years, made it in the National Honor Society his sophomore year and won tons of awards. He got a full ride to the Ohio State University and is in his junior year now.
Now on the other hand, my middle son thought he wanted to go to public school in 7th grade. So we did the same things with him. He went and hated it! He said he felt like he was in prison! He didn’t like the idea of not being able to go otside from 8-3! (he is very outdoorsy and loves to be with his animals) So we pulled him out after Christmas break.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is it depends on your child’s personality. You could always try it and if it doesn’t feel right bring them back home!


Thank you for sharing!

My children have always went to public school. It is now a but different for them now that they are getting older and with two of them having problems concentrating and getting done what needs to be done in school, I have decided to homeschool. This coming school year will be first time homeschooling, but all of my children want to be homeschooled. I gave them the choice.

My daughter just wants to ride the school bus! The grass is always greener in their eyes with public school…but they just don’t know how good they have it at home.

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Our plan is to homeschool through 6th or 7th grade and then have our kids attend public school. That way they get a firm foundation at home (and learn the principles we believe in as opposed to the government’s!) and then a chance to be more independent socially as they get older. It’s what my husband and his five brothers did and they seemed to turn out ok. :slight_smile:

But like mommylove2015 said, it just depends on your kids. We’ll totally dump the plan if it turns out that something else would work better for them.


Exactly the way it is with my dd! She just wants to ride the bus. I’m not sure why ds wants to go to public school, but when he mentions it, I remind him that in public school he wouldn’t be able to play with his Legos, he’d have more math problems, and he could only talk when the teacher called on him. That’s usually enough for him.

My kids too! They thought riding a school bus would be so much fun until we had to ride a school bus with a church group from NJ to Maryland. And than again when they older to Pennsylvania. Yeah… not so fun anymore! It was awful!!

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My oldest went through this when we first started Kindy because all her friends were going to school. But, now in 2nd grade, she detests the idea of public school because she realizes how good she has it at home! We get to take vacations through the year if we want, she can spend a week night at Grandma’s house (we make up the day, of course, but I don’t mind doing that on a Saturday when my husband works), and she is usually done with school by 1:30-2pm. Not to mention she sleeps til she’s done in the morning (usually between 7-8). My now preschooler is starting to talk about wanting to go to school, but my oldest is quick to remind her that being home is a lot more laid back. They will likely both go to public school at some point later on down the road, but for now, we enjoy being here!

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After doing homeschool for two years on the road, the family I was teaching finally settled in Nashville (specifically, Franklin). The boys had previously been in Catholic school, and they wanted to try public schools. They have absolutely thrived. The youngest is in Destination Imagination and has done several competitions. The oldest started high school and has really taken an interest in the robotics club. The middle child loves being in the band. He already plays piano and has picked up percussion.

HAHA this is my house! Our DD is only 4 but a couple of her friends are starting PS, So every time she sees a school bus she wants to ride and talks and talks about how she will ride the bus when she goes to school. I am planning to HS her, so I have been trying to think of other ways for her to be able to ride a bus for an outing. But she also says when she goes to school that her little brother is going, and mommy and daddy will sit next to her on the bus! So she doesn’t get the concept yet that PS is a loaner mission.

Two of mine are still in public school, and the youngest I just started homeschooling this year.

He HATED school when he went. Cried every day before we left (not kidding…there were very few days he didn’t cry, and not just a little but wailing all the way there).

But he actually liked his teachers, and so he’ll talk sometimes about how he misses them. And there was some other things he liked (art class and recess and the other kids that were there). But whenever it comes to whether you want to go back it’s a solid no. But I talked with him about maybe doing one class a week (we have a local co-op you can take classes from). Last year, when we were starting homeschool he didn’t want to do that at all and now he does. I think he misses the social aspects of school.