Child diagnosed with Arthritis

Hi Moms,

My son has been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis recently and I am just struggling. He will be 6 this year and we have known that something was going on since he started walking. We have seen many doctors who didn’t do much with him or listen to me for the last 5 years and so much of my focus went to advocating for him that it didn’t really register that his issues could be something so……big seeming.
I know that a diagnoses does’t change what his life has been or will be, but for some reason today it’s all hitting me. Will he outgrow this? What will he have to go through during his growing years? Will the constant flow of advil and tylenol do damage to other parts of him? DId I do something wrong when I was pregnant? I know that God is in control of this and I’ve always held my kids with an open hand to Him. But tonight, it feels too big and God seems too far…

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As a pediatric nurse, I say this as clearly as I can: YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. As to your other questions, Tylenol and ibuprofen are harmful in large doses, but if you give the prescribed amount, it should be fine. Many doctors also recommend Naprosyn (brand name Aleve).

Will he have some tough days? Yes. But he will also have some great ones. Depending on the type of arthritis, he may have some challenges. Swimming seems to be very helpful for a lot of kids with JRA/JIA. And some kids CAN grow out of it by early adulthood. (Is he rheumatoid factor negative or positive?)

I recommend finding a support group for JRA (also known as Juvenile Ideopathic Arthritis). Larger cities have in-person support groups for parents. There are also some online support groups:



Child-geared website (to help explain it on more basic level)

Kids Get Arthritis, Too

There are probably hundreds of other sites, but these are ones that are well-vetted and not just the worst-of-the-worst posting their stories.

You aren’t alone in this. I know it feels hard, especially when you can’t take the pain away from your child. But there is help out there. I will keep your family in my prayers. If you need anything, please email me at


Thank you so much for your kind words and helpful information Kathi!
He has been RA factor negative 3 times and has an Rx for naproxen sodium.
I’m so grateful for the links you provided, I went to one site that seemed to be the worst of the worst and got very discouraged. I will look into the other groups.
Yesterday while he was having a flare I was holding him and he asked me if other kids feel like him and what is doing this to him. I read the article for kids and it was very helpful, I plan to go over it with him soon so he can learn more.
Thanks again for your kindness. God Bless

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Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

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I just wanted to say we will be praying for your family. We have a niece who was diagnosed with JRA at a very early age. She will be a senior in high school this year. She has essentially grown up with this. I don’t have any tips or information, but I will talk with her mom and see if she has anything she could pass along. In the meantime we will be praying for your peace, comfort, and hope.

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I am sorry you and your family is going through this.
Although I have not spent time getting a degree in medicine, I have however spent countless hours with The Creator of the Universe, who loves you by the way.
I shut off the social media and the blogs. I stopped listening to the nonsense of a sinful world and began listening to God.
I believe that sharing testimony of what God has done and is doing in the lives of believers that have gone through or in the storms of life can be very comforting and encouraging to keep the faith in the finished works of Jesus Christ.
This is a strong message of truth. I am passionate to serve God and enjoy sharing how He’s redeemed my life. All I did was show up, repent, and keep believing.
God has so much mercy I’m just beginning to experience it.
I’ve spent a lot of time praying, reading the word of God, and doing what Jesus said to do.
I’ve lived a really rough life before I gave my life to Jesus Christ and received the Holy Spirit.
I didn’t grow up knowing the truth about God so I went through a lot of personal battles just to receive biblical truth.

The battle scars of my life fighting off the enemy is proof that God is a deliverer, a provider, a physician, a confidant, closer than a friend,and most importantly a Good Father. Jesus is worthy of my praise and worship. God said I am golden, I pressed in and through the attacks and came to the other side refined. In the storms and there were many: I cried, I pressed on, I fought for liberty, i fought in prayer for my marriage, for my children, for my legacy because God said it is finished!
He said I can have it and so can you, so I fight past the lies and press on. Before I really understood what Jesus did for me I believe so many lies.
Now after going through a few things as a born again believer:
I believe every Word of the Bible, my family and I apply it to our lives and I teach my children to do so as well. I believe in the healing power of God is available today for anyone ( the whosoevers) that will believe in and on the power of Jesus Christ to save. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever.
Have i doubted? Yes. Have I been afraid while undergoing 2 c sections? Yes, BUT…
But God my redeemed lives and delivered both of my c section babies without major complications.
My toddler fought through a week in the Nic unit and is stronger than ever. He will be 3 soon.
In the midst of life battles there are spiritual battles in the unseen realms. Just when you think it’s over, God’s mighty hand saves and delivers!
There is a spiritual war happening and it’s time to press in and press on the finished works of Jesus Christ. To know him is to spend time listening to Him .

I’ve experienced healing over my body, God has saved me from death countless times,He has saved the lives of my household and He has returned to me all that the enemy tried to steal plus more. God brought my friend back from the dead. Nothing is too hard or too big for God Almighty.

I want to reassure you and encourage you

The creator of the universe loves you Mary, He loves you with an everlasting love that surpasses anything you could ever imagine. He gave up His son life so that you and yours may have life and have it more abundantly. Not just in Heaven but also here on earth.
God loves your children with that same everlasting love.
He will never leave you nor forsake you.
Don’t be afraid to believe on Jesus for your family.
I’ve seen deliverance and I trust that God will strengthen your child and correct whatever the enemy tried to steal from him and your family.
The truth is Your children are fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator of the universe psalm 139.

When the enemy attacks he will deceive you into thinking you were a bad mother,the enemy will do everything to keep you in bondage and the enemy will try to convince you that God did this to you.

The truth is

God Almighty in the flesh of Jesus Christ has taken away all matters of sickness,disease, and poverty when He died on the cross for you and your children. Everything that Jesus Christ endured from the moment he was sentenced to a criminals death was to benefit you.
The moment you asked for the forgiveness of your sins, God declared that your debt was paid in full by the blood of the lamb!
He wrote your names in the lambs book of life.
When your children asked for forgiveness and received Jesus Christ this also meant they can partake in the promises of God too.
When Jesus rose from the dead he defeated death. Jesus the Messiah now sits at the right hand of the father in Heaven.
He is waiting on everyone to come to Him for the forgiveness of their sins before His second coming. God is patiently waiting for everyone to be saved.
Jesus is faithful . He would never contradict His word or break His covenant.
Jesus heal, raises the dead, and saves!
He has called his church to rise up and do the same works.
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ
I speak directly to your childs body be healed and be made whole. All matter of sickness and oppression must leave your household.I declare Gods highest and best is done for your family in all areas of your life. Amen