Charter Homeschool Academy

Anyone else out there part of a Charter Homeschool Academy? We aren’t homeschooling yet, but plan to enroll in a local charter school when the Lord says it’s time where we can take advantage of enrichment classes twice a week for our 3 boys (9, 7, and 7). Core subjucts would be up to us. Just wondering how this might affect scheduling? We are in California.

This is our second year in a charter homeschool program and we love it! my kids are 15, 12 and 8. My oldest does core classes and some electives Tuesday - Friday at school. My middle does core classes/electives at school Tuesday-Thursday and my second grader has 5 classes at school this year. She has art and computers Tuesdays and science, phonics and an interactive math class on Wednesdays. The science meets the requirements for a core class. So any day not in school is a homeschool day. We just adjust our schedule around when they are at school. The key to success in homeschooling is to be flexible and organized! We are in California also. We love the support from the school. It has worked out great for us! Ours is The Classical Academies in Escondido.

I’m excited to have flexability, but yet, be able to maintain certain days of strict scheduling for enrichment clsses. My kids really thrive on schedules. One of my 3 sons had a “horrible day” because his sub at school didn’t follow the schedule. It really threw him for a loop. Of the other two, one requires a schedule to KEEP him on task and the other just wants to know what needs to be done, in what order, and how long he has to do it, and then gets it done.

Do you incorporate any faith based curriculum into your daily schedule? If so, what do you use, does it meet state requirements, and if so, which requirements does it meet? I am planning on using whatever they suggest for curriculum, for the most part (since we will be just starting out and I have no clue what I’m doing), but I would really like to incorporate some bible time into our schedule. After all, that’s part of the point here! Any input is greatly appreciated!

The first year we just followed their curriculum. This year I chose to do Sonlight curriculum for LA and History for my 2nd grader. The kids always start their day with their devotionals or bible stories.
I like sonlight for their LA, but the history is a lot for her age. It is a Literature based program and my daughter loves to read. It is quite pricey though. I will go a different route for 3rd grade. The really nice thing though as you learn your childrens strengths and weaknesses you can adjust your curriculum. My daughter is at grade level for math, but 2 grades ahead in reading. I can choose things so she isn’t bored. My oldest is a complete independent worker, my middle has to be told exactly what to do with a schedule or he gets overwhelmed. I can adjust their days for whatever they need. You will find most curriculum offered meets state standards. At our school you are alotted a certain amount of money per subject for curriculum. they will order what you need except for Christian curriculum that you must pay for your self. Will you have an ES? Where in Ca are you? Let me know if you have other questions :slight_smile: Tammy

Knowing just about anything is approved puts me at ease a little. Our pastor’s wife homeschooled their youngest son for 3 years about 12 years ago and said they had let her use the bible for his reading. She said they didn’t care as long as she showed how she would use it in a lesson. I don’t know if she had a specific bible study for him, or if they just winged it. She didn’t say. I definitely need the structure, for myself, of having a clear cut lesson plan. I’m sorry, I’m not sure what an “ES” is :confused:. We will work with an accredited teacher for planning and accountability, if that’s what you mean. I have no clue! Just trying to gather as much info and prepare as much as possible. So much work to do within myself and preparing our home and kids for the change from public to homeschool. They don’t fully understand what will be expected of them at home. I’m working in reorganizing our house and setting up our school area to get a start on things. I’m thinking of doing a mock school day/week over Christmas break so we can all get a feel for what’s to come. We are in central California, about an hour southeast of Fresno.

I lived in the San Luis Obispo area for several years. That was before kids though :smiley: An ES (educational specialist) is your credentialed teacher. She will go over a curriculum order with you. We have 6 units per year and meet with our ES for a conference each unit. You can discuss any areas that your having a rough time teaching or curriculum that doesn’t work for one of your children etc. They usually have great suggestions. You should also be able to call, email or text them at any time for help. I think my first 6 months were all trial and error and I learned a ton! Just remember public school has your children for 6 1/2 hours a day, but that includes all the recesses, lunch time and the long hours it takes to teach 25-30 students a few lessons.You will be able to get all you need done in less than half the time for k-5th grade! I am very organized and love a schedule but being flexible is really key. I have changed my daughters subject schedule 3 times already this year. Some kids do better with math in the morning, some with science etc. Don’t be too hard on yourself, there will be days that just don’t go your way and nothing you are trying is soaking in with the kids. Read the kids a fun book, play math or spelling games or do a crazy science experiment and call it a day! Well, ask away if you have more questions. Taking a deep breath and praying are 2 of your best resources! :innocent: Tammy

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