Carol joy seid?

Has anyone watched her DVD seminar on homeschooling? Are the book lists worth it? Trying to decide if I should purchase it or not.

Are you talking about simply Homeschool? (I think that’s what it was called)

Yes! I’ve heard her do a few podcasts on the read aloud revival and she sounded like she was talking to me :slight_smile: hahaha just curious as to what her book lists include exactly.

Hmm… So I looked up her site I’m not sure which booklists you are talking about, do you have a link by any chance?

It says it the DVD course comes with book lists. It’s supposed to be her suggestions for all curriculum through living books, so book lists for science and history. I know there’s a ton online for free, just wondered if the DVD would be worth watching for HER special secret booklists :rofl:

Also I’ve been looking at TGATB history, and wondered if you have any experience with this?

aaah! I didn’t realize! :slight_smile: Well what I CAN say about Carol’s video is that I learned a lot from her. There was a time we could watch all the videos on compass for $1 I took advantage of it and watched and I really liked her methods and what she had to say. I want to buy the DVD now and she more than likely has some interesting books on the PDF list.
As far as TGATB History I have never used it. I looked into the Science and it looks interesting, I may try the Science in the future. I have looked at the sample for History and it looks good! I may also need to look into that in the future!

I purchased the mp4s from Compass Classroom. I throughly enjoyed them! I plan to watch them again this summer. There are 2 free lessons on the site. I think her booklist was great, but like you said booklists are everywhere. It was the rest of the “lesson” that I enjoyed.
The booklist that I have is divided into groups like: Children’s authors/illustrators, teaching history, children and media, and philosophy. Some of these categories are for the mom (or teacher) not just the child. My list is two pages long but the way its divided makes it easy to read. Please don’t think you are getting two pages that are laid out like Andrew Pudewa’s Books for Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day.
My downloads are a couple of years old, so maybe there has been an update with a different list. I would not buy this just for the list, but I would for sure buy it again for the content.