Canadian History/Lit/Authors

Here it is. less than a month before our new school year starts, and we are changing social studies for ds12 (grade 7). Instead of the Middle Ages, we will be studying Canada. I have the Everyday Explorers unit from Schoolhouse Teachers that will last as long as I want it to, but I was wanting to throw in some Canadian lit or authors, as well. The only one I am familiar with is LM Montgomery. I have a feeling the first book of the Anne series would be as far as we get there. Any other suggestions? His reading level is slightly lower than grade level.


I would like to know about Canadian authors too. Following.

I just came across two book recommendations that I posted on another thread but then noticed that they are by Canadian author Jean Little. The author has written over 50 books for children. Here is a link to a page I found with more info about her:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: