Can you add a category for Erica's Curriculum?

Hello Jason and Erica,

I am wondering if you would consider adding a category for Erica’s Curriculum. Then there could be a thread for each item where we could go on an add things that we do/helpful suggestions etc. I am assuming that many of us on this forum use at least one of the curriculum’s that she has made. I used Expedition Earth a few years ago to teach a co op class. I added in several art projects and library books. I would have loved to have seen ideas about things that other people had added to curriculum.
I am planning on using Road Trip USA at home next year and I would love a forum dedicated just to that.

Having a separate category would make it very easy to find exactly the curriculum you are wanting advice for or wanting to add to.


Great idea!! I just purchased the Road Trip, Expedition Earth, Classical Literature 1 and the Science/Inventors one :slight_smile:


We are also planning to use Expedition Earth next year and I would love to see the ideas everyone else has had to make it even richer.


That is a great idea! I will do that. Thanks for the suggestion!!

Okay, the category has been created! It’s called COAH Curriculum. Great idea, thanks!