Botany Books / Textbooks?

Hello everyone! I’m excited to be pulling my kids from K12 next year. I told them that they will be getting to pick some study units to study whatever they want to! They were super excited about this idea - and my daughter wants to study plants and more specifically flowers. I have tried to look up some Botany books on Amazon - but I was hoping to get some ideas from you all. Does anyone have any suggestions for textbooks / books / activities for Botany? Thanks so much! :smile:

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Exploring Creation with Botany!! Check it out here, They also have notebooking journals and lab kits on that same page if you scroll down a bit. It can be used for many ages.

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@Jenny @sgrrrbear that’s exactley what I was going to suggest! Its the most thorough botany study that I know of:) plus, starting it at the beginning of spring would be great!
@sgrrrbear congrats on taking your kids out of the k12…I can tell from your posts you’ve been very unhappy with them.

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My children also begged to do botany this year (I’m surprised), we will be using Answers in Genesis Plant study as well as Botany in 8 lessons which I found online as part of a package it looks very interesting with a botany song etc… :slight_smile:
they have samples on the store too it’s a $14.95 digital download. Looking forward to doing this study myself. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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@sgrrrbear I know everyone is gung-ho on Apologia’s Botany, but we tried it and it was so dry…so detailed…that it was boring - even for me. (I do love their astronomy though!)

@sgrrrbear I just nodded my head in agreement with what @KathiJohnson said about Apologia’s Botany. Dry and boring. We trudged through it and I vowed never to use it again. :smile: And this coming from a gal who loves Science (and is a former Biology major).

What are the ages of your children?

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and honest reviews.

@MotherofMany - I will have a 8 yr old girl who it will be mainly for - and 10, 6, and 4 year old boys in school as well. @MotherofMany and @KathiJohnson - what would you suggest instead of the Apologia?

Thank you @Jenny, @Proverbs31, and @Luvmyboys for the suggestions - I will look into those!

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@sgrrrbear I would recommend the Elementary Science Series by Apologia. I started a thread about it on this forum. You should be able to look it up by typing in Apologia Elementary Science.

Absolutely Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany! And buy a good field guide for your area. My kids want to know the names of everything when we are on our nature walks!


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Thank you @Tchrmom - great idea about a field guide!