Block schedule questions

So this will be our second year homeschooling. I feel like last year was a success but I am looking for ways to improve on it. I homeschool 2 days a week and my husband homeschools 2 days a week and then the last day is kind of an odds and ends or field trip day.
Last year we both did all the major subjects but he did history and I did science (which is a strength for each of us). As I’m looking back I feel like the kids had a hard time sometimes going back and forth with teaching styles in some subjects because we just approached them differently even though we tried to be as consistent as possible.
So this year I am wanting to create more of a block schedule. My 1st grader will still have math, reading and handwriting everyday. My 4th and 6th grader will have spelling, science and writing 2 days a week and then grammar, history and geography 2 days a week. I think having the bigger chunks of time and same person teaching things will be helpful to everyone.
The older two will also be doing math and handwriting every day and we do Bible together every day. Math was one of the subjects I felt like it was a huge benefit having 2 of us because when one of us struggled to get a concept across the other always knew a different way to approach it.
Any thoughts or suggestions from people with a similar structure to their day?

We also do block schedules, and we love them! It allows us to really get into what we are learning about without jumping around so much! At first, we tried to do all of our subjects everyday, and it was a lot of starting, stopping, cleaning up, digging out the next curriculum. It just ended us being too stressful for us.

I was pretty set on NOT doing block schedules, but when I started doing it, we found we really enjoyed it a lot. :slight_smile:

I know you are breaking it up every other day due to your schedules, but we actually go even further than that and do our schedule for 1 whole week!
So for 1 week we do:
Social Studies / Geography
Historical Lit
Lang Arts: Grammar / Spelling / Handwriting / Writing / Silent Reading
(Phonics for younger kids)
Bible Study

Week 2 is:
Literature Studies
Language Arts: Grammar / Spelling / Handwriting / Writing / Silent Reading
(Phonics for younger kids)
Bible Study

As you can see, we do Lang Arts, Math, Bible Study, and our electives everyday, every week. But the other subjects we use the whole entire week to really dive into what we are learning. :slight_smile:
It works great for us, and we really do love it! I think you will love it too!


Thanks! I really think it will help us to have a larger chunk of time set aside to really go deeper rather than jumping from subject to subject! Glad to hear this is working for you :slight_smile:

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