BJU vs ABEKA vs All About Spelling

Right now we are working on AAS Level 2. Its working okay, but out daughter is very bored with it, too much “here’s the rule, now spell it” for her liking. I have looked at BJU Spelling and Abeka. When I look at the samples, I like the worksheets help the kiddo USE the word. Is there anyone out there who has used AAS and then used one or the other?

Hi momlivininfaith,

If you have a chance to browse through some older posts I remember reading several from people who have used various spelling curriculums that might have some information. Also, if you click on the magnifying glass in the top right you can search the community.

Hi momlivininfaith! I used abeka spelling at the beginning of grade 1- I found that it didn’t really teach mine the “how to” spell just memorization. And she got bored with the seat work workbook. I have since then switched to all about spelling and I love that it gives us the foundation of why words are spelled that way. I did find some great free extras to add with the spelling lists on teachers pay teachers website and we use these and would work great for your boredom busters - some examples are
1.spelling task cards I printed and laminated and some weeks she picks from these - I spread them out and she picks blindly (there’s about 20 random activities like write your word in fun letters, stamp your words, type your words, write a story using your words, draw a picture of your words, etc)
2. free spelling homework idea pages (so many activities to choose from
3. spelling activity bingo(they have to choose an activity a day from each column and at the end of the week they get a prize)
4. spelling battleship is a HUGE favorite.

I hope this helps! maybe you won’t have to spend any extra $ on a book.

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