BJU vs ABeka Math

HI! So, I would like some insight, preferably from those who have used both BJU and ABeka in the math subject and can give me the contrast, but I welcome any insight. Right now we are using Abeka Grade 1 and are liking it for the most part. Our daughter enjoys the worksheets and the hands on. However, the thing I am starting not to like is the “drill” aspect of it. I am all for memorizing facts, but I also want her to understand WHY something is the way it is. It seems like Abeka is a “here’s the fact” and leave it ideals and our daughter likes to dissect things. I know BJU is a very different method and have read that they are pretty good about giving the whys of it all. As far as memorizing, that’s something we can do with or without a curriculum that’s heavy into it. I would like some general input on BJU more specifically, since I already know how ABeka is laid out. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

P.S. We have also used Singapore and didn’t like it all that much.

This is my first year homeschooling so I’m very new to curriculua. I’m using BJU math with my kindergartener and we really enjoy it!

The teachers manual begins each lesson with practice and review of previous math concepts. Then they introduce new material using manipulatives and asking questions to help foster critical thinking. Then they guide you to help with the worksheet for the day. Their worksheets are fun and my son likes them. I feel like the review everyday helps keep things fresh and uses manipulatives to remind them “why”. My son is a very hands on learner so it works well for us. I love the teachers manual :heart_eyes:.

not sure if I’ve helped or hindered but there you go. I’ve looked into Abeka just because it seems similar to BJU and costs about half as much. I’ve heard both BJU and abeka are good solid programs! Best of luck!

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