BJU Spelling opinion

I’m looking into BJU spelling 2 for next year. Does anyone use it? How have the spelling rules been presented? I’m looking for a program that states the spelling rule clearly, then gives follow up practice. The samples I find of BJU spelling are always lesson 1 with short vowel words, so no real rule being stated. But I’m curious how rules for vowel teams or silent E are presented (for example). Any help would be appreciated!

(I hope this makes sense;)

Hi, are you using the BJU English 2 as well? The English really goes over the spelling rules in a lot more detail, with light reinforcements in the BJU Spelling curriculum. HTH.

@bow_girl hmmmm, I didn’t know that about the English. I’m not using as of now, but I will be looking at the samples for sure! In grade 2, how much phonics practice is there? My son still needs phonics practice. Do you feel spelling/phonics rules are presented clearly? THANK YOU

@Luvmyboys I just finished grade 2 with my youngest and am very happy with the English! :slight_smile: I think BJU really excels at their English and Reading curriculum personally. They put characters to the rules; Miss Long and Miss Silent, marker E (silent E), Mr. and Mrs. Short, etc. Along with the rules they also thoroughly go over blends/sounds with cute worksheets. However, I got my grades confused (sorry, 3 kids. lol) when I first replied and most of their phonics for English is in K-1st.

Looking at the English 2 teacher manual now (since I don’t remember, lol) and the first few lessons go over sentence structure. Put that away and now have the Spelling 2 book - it does start simple with letter sounds, vowel sounds, pictures to sounds, short vowels, etc. :smile: Spelling always follows the same 5 day pattern; day 1-list, rule teaching/practice, day 2 - front/back reinforcement worksheet (lots of pictures, fill in the blank, puzzles), day 3- practice test, day 4 - journal writing/light vocab, day 5- test.

I hope I didn’t complicate your original question and hope I could help. God bless!

So ultimately getting at - by itself I probably wouldn’t recommend BJU Spelling 2 if you still need to work on phonics. It’s pretty light by itself. I know Erica has used All About Spelling. It’s a cool program too if you haven’t already checked it out.