BJU press reading 4 vs Abeka read and skill sheets

My daughter will be going into 4th grade next year and I’m trying to decide on her reading curriculum. She enjoys reading and we actually have both our kids read for 30 mins before bed every night so I’m not looking to teach her to read. I’m looking for something to work on her comprehension and to have an actual reading subject set aside if that makes sense. This year we did AAR level 3 and she was a bit advanced for it but still LOVED it. When I asked if she wanted to use it again next year, she said no that she wanted something a little more challenging. She breezed right through AAR and instead of buying something I just told her she could pick anything and read for 20 mins. Well, that worked out for about the first week and then I would just keep pushing it down the list for more “important” things and eventually we just stopped all together. That’s why I’m looking for an actual curriculum. I purchased BJU press reading 4 after I did lots of research but when it arrived in the mail, I was very overwhelmed by it. I looked into Abeka but purchasing all those readers is a little expensive for me. Then I came across the skill sheets and they seem perfect but I would hate to buy something again without being able to look at it.

All this just to ask if any has any experience with either curriculum or both. Thanks so much!

I have not experience with BJU, but I have used A Beka for several years. My daughter is almost finishing the 4th grade. We love their reading program! Your don’t need to buy all the readers. If you are just looking for comprehension practice the Skill Sheets would be a good option. There is also Aventures in Other Lands, wich is a reader that has a comprehension quizz for each lesson. If you find the Skill Sheets a little difficult, there is a 3rd grade version. You can see sample pages at their website. I can take pictures of some pages if you want to see the difficult level.

That would be great Elizabeth! Thanks!

You can get the readers used. There is a Facebook group for people buying and selling used Abeka materials. I have bought readers for as little as 1/4 of the price. I belong to another used curriculum Facebook group for my area. My daughter is now finishing up K4, but I couldn’t pass up buying readers (and other material) for higher grades at such inexpensive prices!

Thank you for the link. You can’t beat a great deal!