BJU PRESS Daily Schedule?

Thinking about switching my kids over to BJU Press!!! I was just at a conference and LOVED their layout! Does anyone use this program exclusively? What does your daily schedule look like? I will have a 3rd and 2nd grader…do your kids do every subject independently?? How much time does this take to work individually with each child for each subjec?t Any help is really appreciated!!! :slight_smile:


I use BJU Press. We do all 8 subjects. I started using this when my kids were in 2nd Grade. I have 10 yr. old twins that are finishing up 4th grade now. Its been a blessing to purchase 1 curriculum -same grade level, otherwise not sure if I could afford it. :grimacing: Our school day is longer to get through all the subjects. My kids like BJU, they like some subjects better than others. We purchase the DVDs too, so that I can have a backup on days when I need to get other things done. Not to mention, the visuals on the DVDs save me time from doing prep work for lessons. Some of the DVDs are good and some not so great as they get older. Early on in 2nd Grade I spent A LOT of time with my kids. but I have noticed this year they are very independent and can do MOST (not all) assignment on their own. Because you have 2 different grade levels…you might consider some DVDS for your 3rd Grader, so you can work with your 2nd Grader one on one, and even purchase some DVDS for your 2nd Grader as well and switch up the one on one time. BJU is time consuming, but a good solid curriculum. My kids like the textbook format of learning, and I as well. If you want to discuss further…I can give you my number, so much information to type on this response. :grinning:

@Trena Hello! I have some questions about BJU grade 2 for you:) My son will be grade 2 next year.
We currently use BJU grade 1 for math (current edition, LOVE it) and science (older edition, didn’t like it as much).

How was spelling for grade 2? How did you feel BJU was for learning spelling rules? Did you use the reading books for grade 2? Do you use current editions? If so, how was the grade 2 science and history? We felt the older edition science was a little low. Do you feel the science 2 is age appropriate or low for grade 2? Did you find the history 2 read like a story book and less like a textbook? Do you feel the TE are needed for every subject? Can you think of any cons?

Sorry for all the questions! I’m dramatically changing curriculum for next year and am going to be ordering BJU reading and spelling. We will be sticking with BJU math:) so any additional information you may have using it first hand would be great!

Trena, thank you so much for your response!! I decided to go with My Father’s World for another year or two. Once my girls are older and need a more serious curriculum I will probably switch over to all BJU. Right now I think they need to just enjoy learning a bit more before it becomes so intense. I really appreciate your response and your willingness to help me!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Hi! Sorry for the delay…crazy weekend. Anyway, its been 2 years since we did 2nd grade, so I bare with me. Spelling with BJU is one of our least favorites (can be a little dry and boring at times) The Spelling rules are laid out, but its important that you use the teacher’s manual to help with the activities in the workbook. I am actually looking to change Spelling and Heritage Studies for 5th Grade, still researching what I want to do. We just need a change in these 2 areas. My kids got a good foundation with these subjects, just bored frankly, need to change things up. We actually did like 2nd Grade Reading with BJU. They provide readers with some good stories and my kids enjoyed them. The work text follows up with questions & activities etc…for comprehension and other reading skill sets. Heritage Studies (history) does read like a textbook. We used the 2nd Edition. With that textbook they send “notebook” pages (worksheet activities) We did not care for those at all. So I ordered the Worktext that goes with the grade level kits, that worked much better for us. Science for 2nd Grade was good for us. We actually liked it very much…just starting out. My kids didn’t get a good foundation in 1st grade…before pulling them out and homeschooling. So the level was a good starting point for us. I am mixing it up with Apologia this year. Now, depending on your kiddos and their own skill sets in science you could probably move up a grade level if need be. I used all the teacher manuals with BJU, they were helpful for me on many levels, just a personal preference. As with any curriculum, there are always cons…BJU is VERY time consuming. We spend 5.5-6.5 hrs a day on school. Some days less just depending on the assignments. So, like with all of us homeschool families some things work for a while and then its time for a change. That is what we are experiencing now…going into 5th Grade. It also depends on what type of learning style your kids are as well, so BJU is not for everyone. It works well for our family! One thing I will say…I test my kids every year with Stanford and they score consistently at grade level and above in some areas. I test to just see where we need to improve the following year, or if there any gaps I need to address that I may have missed. I hope this helps a little with your decision. GOOD LUCK :smile:

You are so welcome! I wish you much success in your homeschool journey :grinning:!

@Trena Thank you!!! Your reply helped immensely. It was an honest “review” of BJU and I appreciate that:) what draws me to use BJU is it seems to lay a strong foundation in the early years! Then switching to a different publisher later wouldn’t be to hard once the foundation is strong.