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Hello all!! First of all, I’m a newbie (well, that’s not completely true - I did the Letter of the Week curriculum with my son before school about 6 years ago). Long story short, my son goes to a private Christian school at the present time and he has anxiety issues. He is, therefore, struggling in his 5th grade classroom and we have collectively made the decision to homeschool him next year. Because I am a single mother and I work full time, I did a lot of research to see how this could even be possible and I found Bob Jones University Distance Learning options. My son already does BJU curriculum right now at his school so he’s familiar with the style and content and I’ve enjoyed it through the years as well.

My question is more of a “Reaching Out” to those that have had experience with BJU Distance Learning programs. I’m just nervous about 1. pulling my children formally from “school” 2. having the confidence to know that I can “teach” them (thankfully the DVD’s have qualified teachers doing most of that part for me) and 3. just bombing in general!!!

Thanks for those that read this and for those that take the time to respond and help this “basket-case” momma out right now!!!


We did distance learning this year for Grade 4 math. We didn’t like it personally but we didn’t have any experience with BJU before. If your son is already used to the style etc… this is my review. The teaching is concise, it is like having the teacher in the room with you. You are able to ask questions through email if there is anything you don’t understand. As far as being hands off for teaching it is great but be prepared to do a lot of marking. However if I remember correctly the older grades perhaps starting in Grade 5 you don’t have to mark it but you would have to check to see if I’m correct there.

I have homeschooled since day 1 so I never had to pull my children from school, however when it comes to being ‘qualified’ to teach your child I would say there is no-one more qualified. You are pulling your son right now because you know that your son isn’t coping well in school. You know him better than anyone, so you know what he needs. As you start homeschooling you will see what works and what doesn’t. What you have time for and what you don’t etc… You can do it. I can’t say I understand the complications of being a single homeschool mum but I do know that there are some single mums out there who are doing it, and I’m confident you can figure this out if you know it’s right for you and your family.

Hope you find what you are looking for and welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much for your response. I’m excited and nervous all rolled in to one!!! Thanks again for your kind words. We will be going through a couple of subjects this summer to catch him up and then jumping right in next year!!! Many prayers are requested on this journey.

Thanks again!!



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You’re welcome. :slight_smile: Praying for you! Have fun with your summer studies.