Binders Vs. Folders

Over the years I have organized themes and months in clear bins to folders. When I was in the classroom I did everything by theme. I was a K teacher and so I would put anything insect related in a clear tub etc. Then when I moved to homeschooling my own kids, I just organized paper activities into folders by month or theme. It all drives me crazy because I am terrible at putting things back in the proper folder. I am sitting here thinking I could organize monthly binders and hole punch everything, but then I will have to find space for 12 2 inch binders. Maybe I will just reorganize my monthly hanging folders. It is easier for me to slide a paper back into a folder than it would be for me to open up a 3 ring binder. LOL. I know it sounds lazy, but I am just looking for something to take up the least amount of space and the least amount of filing time. I love Erica’s LOTW binders and I love these monthly binders found here just because they look nice. But, maybe I will just re-do folders.
I just had to type all that out to convince myself.
What do you do to organize themes/months etc.?

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I have a big cabinet with doors that locks. When I open it things fall out all over the floor. When I close it I throw things in quickly and slam the door! :grin:

Ha! I just ordered some hard plastic magazine holders. I’m hoping that I can get more organized with them!


Haha! I love the rambling post to convince yourself :slight_smile: And I don’t think you are lazy for not putting the papers into the 3 ring binder - I’m like that too. I eventually open up the 3 ring to put the stuff in the right spot, but most of the time I just slide them in without attaching them :slight_smile: I like the plastic hanging file tubs. I don’t put the lid on - just have the hanging file folders in them. Then I can just slide the paper into the correct folder - no guilt about not clipping into the 3 rings because there are no 3 rings :slight_smile:

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Well, I ended up putting everything in binders. I got 4 huge binders and divided it up by seasons. The file folder method ended up looking messy with papers sticking out everywhere. I am able to just put the four big binders on a shelf and then all of spring is in one place. I still have to add dividers inside to separate seasonal themes. But I think I like this new way.