Bible study for kids

I purchased "How to Study Your Bible for Kids " by Kay Arthur for my 9yo daughter. I’m flipping through it now and am just realizing how much it really requires the bible version she says to use (NASB). She points out specific page numbers in the bible to turn to. My daughter already has a bible and it’s NIV. She loves it and I don’t want to buy her a new one but feel like the NIV isn’t compatible. Have any of you been in the same boat? Is there another, similar, book on how to study the bible that is not bible-brand specific? Any advice?

My 9 yr old daughter and I did the precepts Esther study this year. I printed off a copy of text for us to mark up. Not sure if that’s possible with the study you’ve purchased. It would have been frustrating to use a different translation as some questions were fill in the blank and the wording wouldn’t have worked.

Hope that helps.