Bible Curriculum

I am looking for Bible curriculum for next year. My boys will be 3rd and 1st grade and I would like to be able to combine the two of them. I am also not wanting something too Sunday Schoolish, but more academic in nature. I don’t mind scripture memorization, but I don’t like the dumbed-down commentary that so many publishers feel kids need. :slightly_smiling: I want my boys to learn what is in the Bible, but not someone’s interpretation of what the scriptures mean, if that makes sense. I really like the looks of BJU Bible Truths, but really want to be able to combine the two of them. Does anything like this exist?

We have used Grapevine this year and we all LOVE IT. The kids are retaining so much and my kindergartener, 3rd and 5th grader can all do it together.

We use Bible Road Trip! It is extremely useful for combined ages and teaches kids what is in the Bible book by book. We are moving through it very slowly and my kids have learned a TON! It is intended to be a 3-year study and then you can cycle back through with the higher age-level materials. My kids are 1st and 3rd this year and we started it last year when they were in K and 2nd. We are going much slower through the materials than intended though just because we don’t see a need to rush. My kids are learning so much more than I ever thought they would. It isn’t cutesy or cartoon-y but gives a great, solid foundation. There are still fun components (it has an option to use the What’s In the Bible DVDs to go along, but even those only come in every other week or so and aren’t required to use the materials). There are some things we edit as we go because they aren’t ready for it yet (you have to know what your kids can handle and at what ages of course) but I highly recommend it! I am very selective about Bible curriculum and made a huge pros and cons spreadsheet before choosing one. My major criteria are whether it is true-to-the-Bible and age-appropriate (and of course enjoyable!). Bible Road Trip met these criteria for me. :slightly_smiling: I hope this is helpful!


CP Jess,

I would look at the Grapevine Level 1 (maybe even the traceable) and Level 2. Teacher books would be a Level 1 & 2. Try a sample lesson and see how they like it. Boys seem to do extremely well with Grapevine.

Level 1
Level 2 (and teacher)
Sample Lessons

Hope you find the best curriculum for your family!

Agreed. We use the traceable with my 5 year old and he has learned so much!

Thanks for the responses. These look great. I think the Grapevine studies are just what I’m looking for!

Just an FYI
What’s in the Bible is a great series and there are several other good Bible learning videos on
A lot of churches especially big churches provide free memberships.