Bible Curriculum for small children (Kindergarten or First Grade)?

I am in my first year of homeschooling my daughter. We are doing Abeka’s K4 curriculum. Last week, I was looking online at the curriculum for K5 and 1st grade and was surprised to see that 1st grade Bible is almost exactly the same as Kindergarten Bible. My daughter’s Sunday School teacher uses Abeka Bible, so she’s already getting quite a bit of the same lessons. I’d like to find something different to consider for either K5 or 1st grade. Any suggestions?

I suggest Grapevine Bible Curriculum.

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We like Bible Road Trip (downloadable online). :slight_smile: It has options for lower grades and for upper elementary.

I read all the posts in another thread “Poll: What is your favorite Bible curriculum?” I was actually trying to find a Bible study book for myself cause I don’t have children yet. I searched every curriculum in that thread and read the sample books on their websites. When I saw Bible Study Guide for All Ages sample books and the timeline and maps and the labels, I knew it was exactly what I wanted! We have already bought that curriculum and learned Lesson 1. It’s so fun and so helpful. You can go to their website and see if that is something you like.

Thank you! All of your suggestions are very helpful!

I highly recomennd My Father’s World for 1st grade. It is a complete study and it uses a bible reader as part of its phonics. So, kids learn to read/practice reading skills while reading the Bible, and then practice their writing skills by writing about the Bible (starts with 1 word, then 1 sentence, then 2-3 sentences by end of the year).

It is really a wonderful Bible-centered curriculum

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