Best 1st grade reading program

I would love opinions on the best learn to read program for a 1st grade boy. I have 4 children and really want open and go but thorough and to the point. I am considering CLE Learn to read and LA. I would love suggestions that you have used and liked and would use again. TIA

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Have you homeschooled him before for kindergarten?

I have used Abeka K4 and K5 program for my daughter. It has really worked well for us. We’ll be continuing with Abeka 1st Grade.

Yes. We used McRuffy for reading and LA. I tried Abeka but couldn’t get the hang of it. TM seemed confusing and too many parts (cards) and recommendations (internet songs to listen to etc.). I just gave up after a month. I have 4 kids and needed something more open and go. McRuffy was great BUT I think we need a change this year. I felt like he struggled some toward the end. Thanks.

All About Reading has worked for both of my children and I will use it again when my youngest child is ready. :slight_smile:

I do like it. I have used it. I just was wondering about CLE.

AAR will be my go to if CLE doesn’t work for us. thanks!

I’m considering this too! There is a good YouTube video by “just sew Trish” on YouTube that does a good review of CLE Learn to Read.

I used 1st grade CLE twice and I will use it again when my baby is ready for first grade. It is phonics based but also introduces sight words as well. The readers use the words and concepts used in the lesson. It is spiral based so it reviews. There are also quizzes and unit tests so you can see where some extra review is needed. We also used the flash cards as well. My daughter finished it and is now completely fluent. My son is not but he has several learning disabilities. That might be a consideration if you have a child with disabilities.

Thanks! I have order CLE LTR and the 1st grade LA and Reading and Math. I am excited! I think it will be a good fit. I do have an older son with dyslexia and learning issues. I thought it might be good for him too, BUT it may not. I will use AAR and a reading tutor for him. Thanks a bunch! Great to hear good things about it. Curriculum is a bunch of trial and error.

UPDATE CLE LTR is a very strong phonics program. We made it half way through 107 (just 3 more books to go) and had to go to AAR1. My son is doing better with it. LTR got to difficult for him so we hope to finish AAR1 and the last 3 books of LTR.

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We’ve used Abeka for reading/phonics skills for all four of our kids and it has worked really well. For first grade I also add in the AAS spelling lessons because I like how they teach and drill phonics rules, but you could also use Abeka spelling if you’re already using them for reading. They kind of go together which can be helpful :slight_smile:

I also have a video review of Abeka reading here, this one shows the kindergarten readers, but the concepts are the same for most of elementary grades:

It may not be the best reading program out there, but I loved Progressive Phonics at that age…helped address the letter blend sounds in an easy way, was short and sweet, and it’s free. We mainly do that and Piggie and Elephant books. He likes that we read both together (Progressive Phonics has parts the parents read, and parts the child reads, and Piggie and Elephant Books are all dialog in speech bubbles, so I take one part, he takes the other).