Balancing the Mom hat and the Teacher hat

I would love advice on how to balance the Mom role (loving, caring, discipline when needed) and teacher role. I tend to be more of a strict/serious parent but with starting this homeschool journey, one of my fears is my children hating me! I know I need to pick my battles, but would love to hear of others manage both roles? Thanks!


I’m pretty strict too, and this was one of my worries as well. What I try to do is make sure that once school time is over we do something fun that we all enjoy. So like maybe some crafts, going to the book store (my kids love books so for them a book store is like the candy store hehe), or maybe it’s just heading out to the park and playing with them. Just something to create a total split between school-mom and mom-mom, you know? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice! I plan to have a schedule so the kids know when school time is and when they can be wild and crazy! My kids love books too so a quick trip to the library will make them happy!