Back to School Traditions

What are some things that you do to make the first day or week of school extra special?

We always go out to a special dinner on the first day back, usually red robin, but last year, Benehana. And our meaningful monkey (like elf on the shelf), Bananas always shows up the morning of school starting with a special note and snack for the day. Plus of course a cool new outfit to wear the first day.


Love Love Love the idea of Meaningful Monkey Bananas a la Elf On The Shelf style!!! Clever and adorable!!!


We take a special day trip the weekend before and have a back to homeschool party.She chooses the dinner and dessert and we give her a few small gifts. Special breakfast the first morning and pictures ( we usually have her wear the same outfit for last day pics to see how she’s grown).


I love that idea! Our elves might not show up, but they might send something! And dinner out…fun for them and not prep/cleaning for mom! Yes! We usually have a fun breakfast and small gift sitting at their spot. Fun snacks during reading time and pictures. Have to have first day pics!