Audible subscription

I’m looking for feedback/opinions on Audible. I think I’m going to try the 30 day trial (we have an 18 hour car ride coming up and need ways to pass the time) but $15/month for 1 book after the 30 day trial is over seems like a big investment! I’d love to hear from people who regularly use audiobooks in their homeschool - do you use them in place of reading aloud yourself and on average how many audiobooks do you finish in a month? For those currently paying for an Audible subscription, do you feel it is worth the investment? Thank you in advance for providing feedback/insight!

I LOVE audiobooks for me and my kids. We all do a lot of traveling and time in the car. I use the Overdrive app and download free audiobooks from my library. I also rent audiobooks in CD sometimes from the library. Both are totally free!

If you search “audio” there is another link where people talked about where they find audio books. Like @Lindsay we mostly use the library/OneDrive. I like the app because there are no late fees, the book is automatically removed from your device after so many days.
Another member @jessiemarie1018 provided a link to Ancient Faith Radio where we downloaded and are currently listening to The Chronicles of Narnia.
For me Audible is not worth the money with all the other (free) resources out there. Keep in mind the type of books you’ll be listening compared to the dollar per month. We listened to Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam unabridged, it was 7.5hrs long, it took a few days and to me would have been worth the money. Others we have listened to have been much shorter and therefore not worth the money.

Check with your local library. With ours, we can get books on CD and also Audio Books or ebooks. It is all free with our library cards.

I also use the library download and discs, but Audible can provide a better selection when I need it.
Here is a blog post that walks you through getting more for your membership:

I also only use my credits on some of the bigger books, like you can get the entire Ramona series for 1 credit, the entire Chronicles of Narnia, The Adventure Collection, etc.