Attachment Parenting Gone Wrong?

What is the massive pain or suffering you or your children endured as a result of Attachment Parenting gone wrong?

You’ve piqued my interest - can you explain attachment parenting? And why are you asking? How has it affected you? Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking … I think that Wikipedia defines it pretty well and there are many parents who take this approach to raising their children.

I’m interested because many children don’t have this kind of support from their parents. I believe it makes a difference and could have been helpful in my own life. So, I want to know how this works for the parent and what the parents are experiencing. I want to know both sides of the coin; how it helps / how it hurts. How far can you or have you taken it, when and if it is too much. Your thoughts and feedback is appreciated.



I have been on both sides of this coin. I sent my three children to Public School. And the Public Schools dictated how they would feel how they should act how they should dress. Two of my children had a harder time learning. The school did not offer other avenues of learning. Their answer was put them under the umbrella. My other child soared like an eagle. He graduated High School then Graduated from Texas A&M with an Engineering Degree and is currently serving as a Naval Officer on a Nuclear Sub.
About nine years ago my husband and I got custody of our granddaughter. She did excellent through PreK 3. When she went to PreK 4 things went bad. She was diagnosed as Bipolar and ADHD. The school decided that they would put her under the umbrella too. I told my husband that she is to smart to be done that way. So I searched for other avenues because if she wasn’t a vombie they were calling me to come get her.
Cupcake my granddaughter is thriving better with that extra attention, help and nurturing has been such a BLESSING for her and me.She doesn’t have to fit in the same Cookie Cutter Mold as Public Schools try to make all the children fit. She can fit in her own Cookie Mold and feel successful . I think that is the main reason most of us homeschool so we can help our children be successful,be able to influence our children to make good moral and ethical decisions.
Years later my son whom is a Naval Officer says he wished we would have homeschooled him. I was floored to hear that from him. He says he will not let his children go to Public School. I hope that help.

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Thanks for sharing your story - the full story. Cupcake is fortunate to have you so physically and emotionally close to her, helping her along. How old is she now and is she dependent on having you there. Are you protecting her all the time and is that a problem or her or you? Please answer only what you want to … and thanks so much.

Cupcake is now 9 years old and in 3rd grade. I think it is impossible to not have some type of emotional attachment happen between each other…because you you share in their success and in their failures. You are responsible to help them be as successful as possible. I think it is the best part of homeschooling is knowing their heart.

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I used dr. Sears attachment parenting with all three of our children. (Now 9, 7, and 4 yrs) out of all the books I read and my own growing up experience (not attached at all) it made the most sense, and my husband was willing to give it a try. Now he tells people it’s the best way to parent. We co-slept with our kids and on their own time they were either “kicked out” due to a new baby in the bed, or went on their own at about 3 years old. I breast-fed until each child was apx 2 years old. I also carried all of my babies around in a wrap during the day. So those are the three main things we did…and the downsides we saw are really upsides as well. Mostly that our children were most comfortable with us. Staying overnight somewhere as a couple was totally out of the question (and still is at this point) however we don’t see it as a drawback because we love to be together as a family! We love spending time with each other. We know our time together is short, and that hopefully we are preparing a safe foundation for them to branch out and be independent (yet still bonded to us in a healthy way) when they are older. Now that we home school (it’s only been 6 months) people say I must really like my kids if I’m willing to spend all day and night with them, and to me that’s a sad way to look at it. Of course I like my kids enough to spend all day and night with them. Though some days or hours? I feel just the opposite, which is normal in any situation that involves other people right?
None of my children ever had problems going to church nurseries as a toddler or staying with a babysitter for a couple of hours. If they did we knew something must be wrong, like they weren’t feeling well etc. so the one time that happened, we stayed home and tried again a few days later. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
Since most people ask, our intimate life was not affected. We didn’t live in a one room home. If anything it made us both more aware of our time together.
Hope this is a little of what you’re looking for!


To answer your question about Cupcakes independents. She only depends on me to teach her and encourage her don’t we all want a little encouragement . After homeschool work is done Cupcake does her own thing…she does not cling to me. She enjoys going outside,playing with other children, going to the library playing with the other children, she has no problem going to children’s church,or any other function that may be going on.

I guess I am still not sure what attachment parenting is… I just know that all three of my children are pretty attached to me, we have been through a lot in our lives and because of that they are more secure when they know that I am around. The first thing out of their mouths if they don’t see me when they walk through the door is “where’s mom?” always… I don’t know if that has to do with using attached parenting. I never breastfed any of my children… I am open and honest with them (to their age level). I don’t let my children roam and do what they want, I don’t let them go to friend’s houses or out on dates with boys. they are now 15, 12, and 10. Any specific questions that you have I will answer.