Art Integrated school

Wanted to see if anyone has ever had their child in an art integrated school or knows anyone that has their child in a school/charter school that uses that technique & if so, how effective is it??

I don’t really have first hand experience in this question, but locally, we have a large number of different charter schools. One is an art integrated school. I know people with their kids in the school who love, love, LOVE it. I also know the school typically is among the schools with the longest waiting list due to the vast number of people who want their kids to go there. Unfortunately, I don’t have any first hand info, so I can’t say much, but its reputation is great.
My son went to an art infused preschool. I know that’s not remotely the same as an art infused elementary, middle or high school, but still, it was wonderful. Everything was taught through music, instruments, dance and art (painting, sculpting, etc). I have never encountered anything like it. If that was any snippet of what the older grades would be like, then I think the upper grades would be amazing. Good luck in finding your answer :smile:

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