Art curriculum - multiple ages?

I really want to incorporate some sort of formal art instruction for my kiddos. Maybe 1x - 2x a week. I am not artistic. I see the polls here about favorite art curriculum but what about for a range of ages? I will have a 4 year old preschool girl, 1st grader boy and 3rd grade boy. I would love a DVD or online video series so there’s less for me to do :smiley: . Any suggestions? Thanks!!

These aren’t online or DVD, but the chalk pastel series available at are good for all ages. Tricia’s (the seller’s) mother taught her five grandchildren using the technique she later developed into the curriculum. But if you must have DVDs, See the Light DVDs are supposed to be good.

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Home Art Studio is DVD based. It is sold by grade level, but you could possibly pick one level that would work for all of your children (such as the 2nd grade level that your 1st and 3rd grader could do together) and then help your youngest along as she is able to participate. She will likely enjoy watching the video along with the older children.

Meet the Masters is online and is a combination of online presentation and parent guiding (sometimes you read from the guide while the slide show progresses). You can get a free trial of it right now by signing up for a free membership at Homeschool Buyers Co-Op and then going to this link: and scrolling down to the Meet the Masters icon. It is free until August 31st and you can view one entire Track (5 different artists) at all age levels within that track, even downloading the full lesson to teach along with the online teaching. That way you can see if you like it.

I hope these are helpful! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I will check these out.

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This year we are going to try How Great Though Art for art curriculum resources. For your grade levels I think the “I Can Do All Things” would be a great choice. They have the option of a DVD to go along with the book as well, so you don’t have to sweat about teaching the lessons. It is one of the books we will be using this year.!/Middle-School/c/18926185/offset=0&sort=normal

Also, as @Forchristandkids mentioned, Home Art Studio is a great choice too. Even if the label is for a certain grade level, my children have worked together on the same DVD just fine and loved it.

And Deep Space Sparkle has some great lessons which we have used together as well.

Have fun! :relaxed:
Oops: I just realized I had the wrong link:!/Elementary/c/18926182/offset=0&sort=normal

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Atelier is a great DVD program for all ages. Fairly reasonable priced on Ebay as well.