Apps or online games for struggling reader?

My son is finishing first grade and I feel he is slightly behind in reading. He is making progress but it still quite a struggle for him. I didn’t online reading assessment and it rated his reading at mid-K :weary:
We are going to continue working on reading over the summer but I thought letting him have 20 or 30 min/ day to play reading games might help as well. Can anyone recommend a really great reading app ? Also, has anyone used a reading assessment that they really feel was accurate? Thanks!

Reading Eggs is fun as well as has word study apps that go over skills for preK- 2nd grade
-letter sounds (beginning/ending
-CVC words
-CCVC/CVCC words
-bossy r words
-CVCe words
-Long vowel teams
-Other long vowel patterns (igh)

Her site is awesome and has so much more and some items are even free.
Check it out and I am sure you might find something useful.

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I’ll second both the above suggestions. I’ve used a lot of resources from This Reading Mama, especially from the Struggling Reader section: And my son loves Reading Eggs. I find mixing the two has been the best. I also really like playdoughtoplato’s editable word sheets. I supplemented those games with Erica’s sight word things.

My son went to Pre-K and when he came out he was labeled as “behind” :roll_eyes: I started him on AAR Pre-Reading and got a subscription for Reading Eggs. He LOVED it and it reinforced what he was learning in AAR. Worth every penny. He is 8 now and in 2nd grade and is reading above grade level. And this is with me not cramming anything down his throat and just letting him go at his own pace. I attribute this to AAR and Reading Eggs. Don’t stress Mama!

I will also say his progress came in bursts when we would least expect it. He would be plugging along making slow but steady progress and then would come a burst of learning where he would just absorb everything we had been doing in the last few months and then some. I know it had nothing to do with me and more to do with his mental development. Not all kids develop on the same timeline (like public schools think they should) and so when something doesn’t happen right when it “should” it causes us to panic. It will happen. is really good.

Also, while it’s not exactly what you’re asking for (because it’s only online in that it’s free to print off from there, I suggest the readers from Its color coded so you read part, and your child reads part, which has really helped my son. And the readers are pretty funny sometimes.

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My kids All loved Reading Raven! You trace the letters/phonograms, and even have kids record their voices and it’s very fun! It’s a paid app, but totally worth every penny. You can even turn things off that you don’t want them doing too…
I love Star fall and reading eggs too, Star fall for free play time and reading eggs for structured time. Also try teach your monster to read, totally free and amazingly fun! It’s in a British accent though, so some vowel combos are said a bit different.