Apologia Science Units

Good afternoon ladies :slight_smile: I ordered the Apologia Zoology Unit 2 for my kiddos next year. They recommend at least 2 times a week. Since I’m still new to this, I am not sure 2 days of Science of week would be enough? What are your thoughts/experiences?

With the young explorers series I did more days than they recommend. But much smaller chunks, so instead of reading 4-5 pages twice a week we read 1-2 pages each day. We also enjoyed finding “wild kratts” episodes that went with the animals we were studying. In our state science isn’t required/tested so for elementary I focus more on enjoying learning and seeing what we learned by taking trips to the zoo or aquarium (or pet store even).

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We do science two days/week and alternate with history and geography on the other 2 days; on the 5th day we do either our co-op or a field trip. I prefer to do larger chunks all at once. I think it depends on your preference, but it takes a while to read the text and talk it through to make sure there is comprehension, and then follow up with the notebooks. We love Apologia though! We’ve used it for years.


We spread it out of over 4 days a week unless I know we have something coming up the next week and we do it 2 days. That’s the beauty of homeschool, you can arrange the schedule however works best for your family. We love Apologia as well. We have used it for 3 years and I plan to finish out high school with it.

Good luck!

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I’m excited to get started on this! What’s even better is I can use it for BOTH my younger 2 - grades 3 and 5 next year.

I had forgotten about it but, there is a resource for Daily Lesson Plans for the Apologia Science Curriculums by Lynn Ericson. CBD sells it.