Anyone using Biblioplan?

I’m hoping some of you will have experience with Biblioplan. We just started it, but I’m not so sure. We are using their Companion, SOTW 3, and Userborne. The kids liked the latter two, but are not thrilled with the Companion. Kids are 2nd and 8th grade. We have the discussion guide but not the cool history book and I’m confused as to why I need both. There are tons of questions in the discussion guide already. I don’t mind reading SOTW and Userborne but the Companion feels a little choppy, maybe it just me? I feel like there is a lot of reading but not so much learning… Any suggestions or thoughts?

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We are on the fence with you. Only done a little bit in it, and we are new to homeschooling so not much to compare it to. It kind of feels like it just touches here and there on lots of stuff, but doesn’t go deep on anything. The little bit we have done we have supplemented heavily with other stuff. Would love to hear what other people have to say.

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I’m looking into this curriculum, so I’d love some feedback as well. I’ve read a lot of reviews and people seem to like it, so I’d be interested to hear what some of the people on here think about it.

We use Biblioplan and are so happy with it. Here are the reasons why and a couple comments to answer your questions:

  1. The Family Guide is thorough including literature suggestions for every age, movie suggestions, writing suggestions, activity suggestions, composer study, art study,geography, maps, tests, timelines. Many package programs have all that, but IT IS UNIQUE FOR THE REASONS BELOW.

  2. The program works with classical style, Charlotte Mason, Unit Study, traditional education.

  3. It is so flexible that you can buy the program in pieces, choosing what you need/want rather than being forced to purchase a package that you may only use sections of.

  4. It has a three day a week lesson plan which allows for the common homeschool schedule with co-ops and activities.

  5. It works to have ALL students, from K-12 studying the same history, geography and literature subject areas, rather than everyone being on different pages, pun intended.

  6. Early Modern and Modern World History have an American History focus–this is SO RARE.

  7. Bible and Church history are included chroniogically.

So, here is my thoughts on your questions:

For young ones, I think the SOTW suffices just fine. We include about one picture book a week and an ongoing read aloud (right now, for Ancient Greece and Rome, my Littles are loving The Magic Treehouse series.) This, I believe allows for the depth in study. We use the coloring pages and timeline cards from Veritas Press to give them a visual reference, we use the Littles guide for the Giants of the Faith entries, activities and especially for the geography lessons using the globe–love those! I RAREY refer to the companion for them. Usually just for a photo or a short snippet of a story. (Maybe I wouldn’t have even purchased it if I didn’t have older children?)

It is just wonderful to have all that thought out and planned for me rather than doing the work myself!

Now, my high schooler likes the companion. It IS NOT intended to “go deep” but to be a spine for history. The literature I assign creates the depth she needs. she really likes the independence, but also that she can relate to what the other kids are doing and even help out, reinforcing her own studies.

Okay, so this is a full on review! Sorry about that–it is late!! I strongly suggest pray and God will lead you!

Blessings on your decision.

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