Anyone use RoadTrip USA with multiple kids?

I am going to be using RoadTrip USA with 3 of my kids this year (very excited about it!). I’m just looking for info on how to go about printing/organizing it. Do I need to print an individual workbook for each student (plus the manual for myself)?

How did you organize the material for multiple kids?

I used it for my 2 kids a couple of years ago. I printed off a workbook for each of them and the main teacher workbook for me. I just put them in 3 ring binders and used dividers to separate everything. We loved it and I’ve thought about doing it again since my youngest is a little older now and might remember more from it.

Good luck! I think you will love it!


I am planning this for this year as well for my 3 boys (12,11,8). I printed each of them the student workbook on our laser printer here at home, and then took it to office max for spiral binding, cover and back. I also printed and bound the teacher book for me as well. I took the animal part in to have printed at office max, didn’t bind it since it’s going to be cut up and all the pics are in color. I’m excited to go through it with my guys and I think they are going to love it. The binder idea also sounds great, but we already have to many binders to keep track of, so this was a better option for me.