Anyone use Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry

Does anyone use “Real Science for Kids Chemistry” curriculum? It looks interesting and came recommended by a HS consultant. Any input on this series would be great!

I have the books and kit. But I’m not using it until later next year. :smiley:. It does look interesting!!

@KathiJohnson so nice to hear from you! How do you think it compares to Apologia Young Explorers series?

@KathiJohnson after further investigation, I’m a bit confused. Did you purchase the “Building Block” book or the “Focus on…” Books? It appears the difference is is the Focus On books are semester books, and just cover 1topic. Since you have a book, how is the language? Technical? My son will be in 2nd grade, BUT a he asked to do chemistry:) is the book explained in terms a child can understand? How about the materials for the experiments, will they be easy to find? Thank you!!

@Luvmyboys I used the middle school set.
You can download a chapter to view the text, and to give you a feel for what the book looks like.

It is easy to read - the pages aren’t cluttered and the questions (worksheet) are clearly worded. I have the curriculum for chemistry and physics but we will NOT start it until next year.

They DO have an elementary version (and a high school one, too).

As far as Apologia, we tried the Botany course (with the junior notebook) but it was just too dry and too detailed for what we needed. I am using Apologia for Astronomy (also with the Jr. Notebook) and am really liking it. But I supplement with a lot of things (youtube videos, museum visits, hands on activities, books, DVDs etc)

My son had this as a class last year at the coop they attend. It was great! It’s very hands on and they made something multiple times through the year. My daughter wants to do it as well, so we may do it as af amily in the next year or two.

@Txmom72 What grade/age was your son? My son will be 8, grade 2, when we do this. In your opinion, is that age to young for the program, or doable?

He was 7 when he went through it. Like I said, he was in a coop, but it was for grades 1-3. It was very hands-on. I’m trying to remember everything they did.

I bought this to use with my 9 yr old 3rd grader boy who loves messy science and experiments. I like that it’s a very colorful and easy to understand textbook and it’s helped my son understand about molecules and atoms. It’s not going to be mixing chemicals and getting reactions (that we’ve gotten to at least) like a mad scientist style but as far as basic chemistry it’s definitely a great start.

It does look like a great start, that’s the perfect way to put it:) I bought chemistry, biology, and physics when the company had there big sale. I got each 3 book set for $25!!! I don’t think we will be using right away, but I’m happy I got them for the price:)