Anyone use Math on the Level?

I’m interested in Math on the Level, but I’ve only seen it mentioned here once by @Tchrmom . I am interested in how it works and what kind of teacher prep time it takes. I see there is a new version coming out next month looks like it might be a bit more teacher friendly.
I’m looking at this specifically because my dyslexic 11yr old son has slogged his way through multiplication but has not retained much and I believe that he needs to be doing something other than trying to remember his math facts day after day. At the same time something that does not introduce multiple concepts at once. This looks like something that we could use.
Alternately I’m looking at Right Start Math, but I don’t think he will like all the manipulatives. Maybe just the games.
Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated.

I would be happy to share more details of our experience. In my opinion MOTL is teacher intensive—although much less so with their online Five-in-a-row automatic planner. You do have to see which concepts are missed and plan the next five problems accordingly.

That being said my dd with dyscalcula and tracking issues was SAVED by MOTL. Teaching her one new concept a day, building on that and mastering each concept, she and I feeling just FINE limited to ONLY five problems a day and writing those on large grid graph paper—all of this was essential in her progressing in math. She even eventually made a full transition to MUS because she wanted to be more independent—although if she was stuck we would go back to MOTL and only five problems a day on graph paper until she mastered the concept.

I have not looked at their new plan—you have me curious!

If you want to contact me off the group let me know…

Best to you!

Thank you @Tchrmom . I am worried about the teacher intensive part… I will PM you.
Thanks again