Anyone use Horizons Reading and Phonics

Just looking for reviews of this curriculum. I’ve read so many mixed reviews on it but wanted to hear if any of you have used it. Thanks in advance!

I use the phonics and reading with my Kindergartner and now 1st grader and love it. It is all self-contained pretty much so you are not trying to find pieces here and there. The readers go along with the lessons as well.

That’s so awesome to hear! That’s exactly what I’m looking for and for the same ages!! :smile: I want something to teaches writing an all in one lesson! I just keep reading how “worksheet intensive” it is. Do you feel like it is? How are your kiddos enjoying it?

We have used it since Kindergarten and are now using it for 2nd grade. We love it, it is easy on the teacher and the lessons do have writing that some people find to be too much for their kids. I had a friend use it and what she did was allow her daughter to answer orally on the days that she did not feel like writing. Some people think that it is hard and to that I say there is no reason to think you have to do one lesson everyday if something needs a little more review, take two days to go over the lesson. My son has never had any issues but and he does not enjoy writing :slight_smile: The majority of lessons only have 1 worksheet with most of that being some type of fill in the blank or matching. I like it because it is constantly reviewing what has already been taught but not in a way that is boring, just a little here and there in with a new lesson. I hope that made sense and good luck with what you choose to go with.

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Thank you SO much for your sweet reply!!! :blush: I totally agree about answering questions orally and making the lessons last for 2 days if needed. Those are all things I’ve done in the past with both my boys. I’m not one who feels like the lesson has to be followed exactly as its scripted! Plus, I’ll be using it with 2 boys so I’m sure I’d find myself making adjustments all over the place!! :smile: And for the writing, I have 1 who definitely needs extra writing practice so I feel like it would be a good thing for him. Thanks so much for the input! I’m feeling much better about possibly going this route! I really do appreciate it! :blush: