Anyone use Cover Story Writing?


I’m trying to find a good writing curriculum for my 5th and 8th grader. We have been using WriteShop for the past 3 years. We have enjoyed it but they are both starting to get bored with it and we are at the highest junior level they offer right now. I bought WriteShop 1 for my son (8th grader) last year and I could not understand how to use it. I know that sounds strange but it was very confusing. I talked with there customer service many times. They are very nice and tried so hard to work with me. I have been searching for a new writing curriculum for a few months. I came across Cover Story yesterday. It looks very interesting. Has anyone ever used it? If so, what are the pros and cons?

I love that there is a place that I can come with all my questions and have so many people supporting each other! I wish I would have had this when I first started homeschooling 5 years ago.


My daughter used it last year.
Pros were: she could watch the DVDs and do lessons on her own, she enjoyed learning about her topic of choice (Japan), and she was able to write in many different styles.
Cons were: the price was more than I usually spend, she didn’t like the daily journal, and we never put the magazine together (she has all the components but not the computer skills to put it into a magazine.)

Thank you for your response. Do you think if she had a choice she would use it again?

Yes, she would use it again. She liked the program. Her main wish was that I could help her with finding graphics and formatting.

That’s exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!