Anyone use A Reason For Spelling?

Does anyone use A Reason For Spelling? I’m looking into level B. Does this program clearly state the spelling rules? Any pros/cons you can give me? Thanks!

While I haven’t actually used the curriculum yet, I did order Level B for this fall, so I have it here and have looked through it. Pros: I love the layout! It looks fun, has some hands on activities, and a journal entry idea each week! Cons: I do think the words are a bit easy. (We are switching from Abeka). But, since they only give you 13 word each week, I will just be adding to the list. So, if I would have been able to look at this in advance, I might have ordered Level C for my 2nd grader but we are looking forward to giving it a try. As far as spelling rules, it really doesn’t state rules but words are related (words with “sh”, for one, words with long a, another list, etc) and it has you do a activity with going through and identifying that special sound in the words. Hope this helps! I had trouble finding out much about it in advance also :slight_smile: would love to hear more from those who have used it too!