Anyone use a Kindle for Chapter books?

I am finding all our Sonlight books used this year to save money. As I was searching for them on Amazon and doing some research, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to buy a Kindle for our homeschool and purchase all the books for it. We have a very small house and storage is limited. Just our Kindergarten curriculum from last year took up a lot of space and now we’re onto 1st. We plan to keep the curriculum for our other kids so I’m not really interested in selling it all only to repurchase it all again.

The thought of having our homeschool library on a Kindle seems like a great idea. We travel a lot and we’d be able to easily take books with us this way. Of course, I’d still buy the books that we need for pictures, etc.

I’d love to hear if anyone has done this.

Yes. Not exclusively, though. I bought a Nook so I could load some Project Gutenberg books for my son’s history. I didn’t like the Nook and bought a tablet with Kindle app. Then my son became interested in the Paddington books. They were cheaper in Kindle format. I have a lot on there now, but I will continue to use print books, too.

We have a kindle for my son Boober to use for homeschool. I load it exclusively with his books and learning apps. If you wait for back to school sales you might find an excellent deal on a kindle or an android tablet- which is what I have. I have a kindle reader app downloaded on my android tablet. It works just as well for reading kindle books. My kindle was $199 (this was when they first brought them out shame on me for buying then!) and my android was $70 on sale. Hope that helps.

By the way I have Treasure island, secret garden and other classics downloaded to both. Most are free for the kindle but they also have kindle unlimited which is great if your an avid reader which Boober is not. Its $10 a month for that.

Just last night, my son picked up the book we’re reading at bedtime and flipped through it to find something himself. I wonder if having too many books on the Kindle would take away from having a “relationship” with books…if that makes sense. What do you think?

Thanks for your feedback.

I think it does make sense. Here’s an article I came across the other day that deals with that issue. Apparently, the tactile sensation of turning pages plays a large part in satisfaction with the book. When I started reading on my Kindle, I had a difficult time when the story ended, because I didn’t think I had read through the book completely. It left me feeling very unsatisfied with the book.