Any Science for Tools and Technology?

I cannot seem to find a homeschool science curriculum that includes a focus on tools and technology (not just technology developed in the past). Core curriculum (which we don’t follow closely but which I do refer to in general) in our state reinforces this every year (e.g. scientists use tools, infer, gather data, use scientific methods, etc.), and I know this is referred to on standardized tests. However, all of the homeschool science programs I have found so far leave this out entirely or only reference technology developed over the past hundreds of years, not what scientists are using today. We used Pearson Homeschool Science for this reason two years ago but that was a fail for us as it was geared for classroom use and was not adaptable for home use in our experience. However, it did incorporate this category at least. Has anyone seen a quality science program that teaches this aspect of science? Or is there a supplemental resource available that you have found that works well?

@Forchristandkids I’m not sure about any science programs that may focus on this, but I google STEM ideas:) I have found many websites and blogs that focus on STEM and have gleamed many ideas for our homeschool:)

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I am using Science Fusion - it is online as well as workbooks and labs at home. It is pretty amazing! It has STEM chapters - where students have to design things and then build them They also cover Science tools and Scientific methods for the first couple of Ch’s. I love how the textbook is also the workbook. These books make the students think - and not just follow directions. I felt like you did - most other science just told us what to do - but this science actually makes kids think and test - and figure out how to do it better. It is pretty neat.

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@sgrrrbear I just clicked the link but it doesn’t give samples, or tell what exactley comes with the package. Do you know of another website for more info on this? Or can you tell me more?

@Luvmyboys - The package consists of online work, a flipchart, and a workbook. I decided to not do the online package this year and I just went on Amazon and bought the flipchart and the workbook. (Doing it this way costs about $50.00) I really think that is all that is needed. It doesn’t include the answer key doing it this way - but I was able to figure out what the answers were without it. Science Fusion is not as wordy as other science curriculum - but it just seem to explain complex subjects in easier ways - in that way I really like it! I also love all the experiments - and like I said they have STEM chapters as well - where the kids do nothing but design and build on there own. I hope this helps?? :smile:

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