Any Oregon homeschoolers?

We are planning on homeschooling starting next year. I am wondering how other OR families make sure they are teaching the common core standards that Oregon now follows? Is there a better resource than the state Ed site? I found a 66 page pdf just for language arts. Any assessment forms that simplify it out there? Also what are diploma options for homeschoolers in OR?


I don’t live in Oregon but have you tried the HSLDA website? I just went to the website and typed in Oregon because I was curious and it gives a lot of good information. I know it can seem overwhelming the first year but trust me, it gets much easier. Welcome to the homeschool family. :grinning:

@Mland4905 From the website, it says the following:

To homeschool legally in Oregon, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Notify the education service district (ESD).
    You must send a one-time notice of intent to homeschool to your local ESD in writing within 10 days of starting your homeschool program, or within 10 days of withdrawing your child from public school to be taught at home. The notice must include your name and the names, addresses, and birth dates of the children being homeschooled. It must also include the name of the school your children are presently attending or last attended.

  2. Test your children in grades 3, 5, 8, and 1
    By August 15 in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10, you must have your child tested. Oregon law states that 1st grade is when the student is 7 by September 1. Thus, a child is to be tested at the end of the school year in which he or she turns 9 (3rd grade), 11 (5th grade), 14 (8th grade), and 16 (10th grade) by September 1. Parents can test their child earlier at their discretion if they believe the student has completed grade 3, 5, 8, or 10.

The tests must be approved by the State Board of Education and be administered by a qualified neutral person.

If your child was withdrawn from public school, the first examination must be administered at least 18 months after the date of withdrawal. If your child has never attended public or private school, the first examination must be administered to the child by August 15 after completing grade 3.

The administrator of the test must score the test and report the results to you. The results are not reported to the education service district unless the ESD superintendent specifically requests them.

If the composite score on the exam is below the 15th percentile, your child must be given an additional exam within one year. If the score on the second exam is a lower percentile than the previous exam, the superintendent of the ESD may place the education of your child under a certified teacher selected by and paid for by you. If the third exam continues the decline, the superintendent may either allow your homeschool to continue under a certified teacher’s supervision and require an additional exam within one year, or allow the child to be taught by you and require the additional exam within the year, or order you to send your child to school for a period that cannot exceed 12 consecutive months.

  1. Address any disabilities.
    If your child has a disability, you must have that child evaluated for satisfactory educational progress according to the method recommended in your child’s individualized education plan (IEP) or privately developed plan. No testing of your student is required unless recommended in the plan

It doesn’t say ANYTHING about having to follow the school’s curriculum - common core or otherwise. I’m a member of HSLDA so if you need me to look anything else up, just let me know.

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So I guess my question is more about the tests then. How can I find out if I’m teaching the proper material for assessments? I know I’m worrying in advance but I’m trying to feel confident and knowledgeable before I even start preschool even though the first assessment is not until 3rd grade.