Any non-religious families using Sonlight?

This sounds like a crazy question because it is a Christian based curriculum. We are actually ok with that as we aren’t atheists, we just don’t attend church. We have intentions someday. (Another story!) Anyway, I’d love to hear thoughts from anyone using this curriculum that isn’t Christian. How do you like it and is the Christian focus too much? I was just reviewing sample instructor guides and they seem very focused on the religious aspects of the topics. (dinosaurs, how old the earth is, etc). Anyway, any insight from this perspective is appreciated. Thanks!

Bookshark is a non-religious version of Sonlight created by the same people.


Thanks for the info!! I had never heard of this option before!! Gosh I LOVE Forums! You get the info you need when you need it! Brilliant!

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@Proverbs31 - thank you!