Any California homeschoolers here?

If you homeschool in California, I’d love to ask you about what types of records you keep. Especially if you do the PSA route, which is what we do. This is my first year. I have kept attendance each day and of course have a list of the courses each of my children has taken, but am wondering what else you do. Also how many days/year do you school? I’m looking on the HSLDA website and don’t see a specific number mentioned as a minimum for CA but feel like I read it was 175 or 180.


We’re on California and we go through a Charter. I believe we do 180 days per year. Hope that helps!

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Hi, we are in CA, too, but I’m not sure I can help answer any questions. We just started with a charter school this past January and are still transitioning/decompressing from traditional school. Since we use a charter, we report to an educational coordinator once a month. We are required to submit one sample of work for each child from each of the 4 required study areas (Math, Science, Social Studies/History, Language Arts) along with my lesson plans and an attendance sheet for each child of our 3 boys.

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Hello there! I am in California. I homeschool independently (filed my own Affidavit) and just keep attendance and a list of courses we’ve done. I do about 180 days of school, which I believe is the CA requirement.

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Hi @Barbie2365, thanks this is good to know!

I know this is an old thread but…is anyone in northern CA.?
Or the Central Valley by chance? It’d be nice to have a meet up!

We are in the Central Valley.

I grew up in the Central Valley! Now I’m in the Bay Area.

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So, we are homeschooling here for the first time this year (just moved from Texas this year…though I grew up in California). We are independent PSA. So far I just keep attendance. I guess I should keep a class list as well?

We are in California and in our 11th year of homeschooling. California requirements are minimal.
However, I am also a certified teacher, so I tend to go beyond, but perhaps this guideline will be helpful:

  1. Record days attended (180 at least)
  2. Keep list of Curricula by subject, including a detailed reading list
  3. Keep a few samples from each subject each year (rule of thumb: show progress, so one page from beginning of the year, middle and then end) and a few tests.
  4. Keep a photo/video file of special recitations, projects, artwork, field trips, community work, etc.
  5. Standardized test scores, either hard copy or pdf.

I keep a file for each child with 30-50 pages each year.

Hope that helps! donna

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