American Sign Language curriculum?

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My four year old daughter’s preschool teacher has started introducing them to American Sign Language and my daughter LOVES it! She has started using it with us as words she knows the signs for are being used and has expressed an interest in learning more. I would like to encourage her in this. Does anyone know of any good resources for learning to sign with ASL? I would tend to think that a DVD might be best so she can see the signs being done. Thanks a bunch!


Hi! My 6 year old daughter and I are learning ASL as well. I just bought Master and Learn American Sign Language. It is a 25 dvd program. Unlike others that have no speaking in order to immerse you into the language, this is a step by step teaching program. It’s not marketed to children, but they can easily learn from it. Each disc has a lesson, vocabulary review, finger spelling practice and a small lesson on deaf culture etiquette. It is pricey-$299, although they always have deals. This weekend it is $214. I believe there are payment options available. We are tring to create a homeschool ASL class using it. We like it a lot. I 'm not able to link the site, but if you type in the program name, it will direct you to the site.


Thank you so much! I will definitely check that out. :slight_smile:

My kids always enjoyed “Signing Time” on Netflix


I have Tinnitus & Hypercusis in both ears so I would love to do this with my boys but I think they might be a bit too young still for a full program. I did see Signing Time at the library but it was level 2 & they only had the first DVD of level one, so I’m definitely going to check out Netflix. On a side note, I was at Dollar Tree the other day & found sticky notes shaped like a hand where you can fold the fingers & such. I thought it would be great to make my own sign language ABC border. :slight_smile:


My mother and father in law are deaf so my kids are learning some from them but when they aren’t around my kids watch sign time (they are 2 and 5) and i think it’s good for that age range. I wish my husband (a certified ASL interpreter) would teach them a bit more than what he does but it is what it is right now. While we school we try to incorporate the sign for any new words and we’ve been using an online sign dictionary ( and find that helpful. Though maybe I should buy that master program for myself since my ASL is still rather limited after 11 years…

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Just thought I would chime in and say that that master’s course is on sale for $199 right now. They also have payment options.

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