Alternative to AAS

Right now we are using All About Spelling. It’s been great up till now. We are working on level 3 and stuff just isn’t sticking like it was in the beginning and kiddo is even forgetting some of the stuff she SHOULD know. I like the thoroughness of it, but it’s just not working anymore. We are also getting into those words where rules are bent a bit and similar sounding combinations and kiddo is getting all confused. I have thought about switching to Spelling You See, it looks more interesting and eye appealing which might help a little. I’m trying to figure out what to do. HELP!

We switched to the Phonetic Zoo by IEW for my daughter. For my son, I have seen great improvement in his spelling after beginning a multi-subject program that includes daily copywork. The Phonetic Zoo is expensive in my opinion, but the rhymes are great for learning the spelling rules. :slight_smile:

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We also switched to Phonetic Zoo and love it. I started homeschooling last year with a 3rd and 5th grader and blew through the first 2 levels of AAS. We liked it but it is SO time consuming, especially with multiple children. We did the test and the started in level A (4th grade) level B (6th grade) 5 this year. We all love it and it is pretty much zero work for me. I have a 1st grader and am about to start AAS 1 with him. Love the program just don’t have time for all them. I’m hoping after AAS 2 I can transition him to Phonetic Zoo also. It is expensive up front (I bought used) but there are zero consumables so to me it was great.


Thanks! I will look into that, we have also considered using IEW for writing next year, right now we use First Language Lessons and like it, but might try something else. I looked at it on Christian book and 100 bucks isnt too bad, I was thinking it would be 100+.

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That’s good to know you guys like it after coming out of AAS 2. We are doing level 3 right now and it just seems like nothing is sticking anymore. I took a look at it and it looks nice, still visual and such and I like the little rhymes. So I will for sure be keeping this one on the list

We are doing SWI A this year and LOVE IT! We are also using Nose Tree. I am hooked on IEW now :slight_smile:

If you decide you want to continue with AAS, post about what’s not sticking right now and I’d be glad to walk you through some strategies to make it work.

@Forchristandkids, can I ask you what is the multi-subject program that is helping your son? Thanks in advance!

Sure @Elizabeth! We started Trail Guide to Learning this year, and it includes a Word Study portion each day with activities that focus on grammar and spelling as it relates to the overall 6-week unit. It also includes daily copywork from the story we are reading from for each unit. He has taken leaps in his ability to spell and willingess to write while using this program this year. Some of that may just be the difference between 1st and 2nd grade (as far as the willingness to write at least), but I know a huge part is due to the overall program and how he is cementing information by using it repeatedly in an overall context. :slight_smile: He and his sister are both using the program together.

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Thanks so much! I will take a look into that.