All About Reading vs Horizons Phonics and Reading

I am starting Kindergarten with my daughter this fall and I am trying to decide what Phonics and Reading program to use for her. She is currently going through the LOTW program and it is really easy for her as she already knows all her letters and sounds. Any recommendations?

We are finishing up with Horizons right now and have really enjoyed it a lot. I know a lot of reviews have said that it has a lot of writing or is too long for kindergarten, but it worked great for us. My boys both needed the extra handwriting time and have learned a lot with it. I really like how it included beginning grammar for them as well. It is teacher directed but that was ok with me. I feel like it really needs to be at that age. Any time that I felt it was repeating some things, I would just skip it or even have the boys answer orally. There are many ways you can adjust it if needed. The lessons did get longer through out the course but the boys were used to it and really did well with the work load. Anyhow, hope this helps! I know every family is different but it worked great for us and we will use it again. We also enjoyed Horizons math for Kindergarten and 1st. :slight_smile: