AFTER All About Reading Level 4?

We are in the middle of all about reading level 4 and I am wondering where we should go after level 4? Anyone who used AAR level 4 what did you use for reading after it?? I am hoping level 5 might be in the works???

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Level 4 finishes phonics instruction. After that reading instruction should move to a focus on reading comprehension and book reports, etc.

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Sorry, there isn’t a Level 5 in the works. Level 4 is the final level of the reading program. At the end of Level 4, students have the phonics and word attack skills necessary to sound out high school level words, though they may not know the meaning of all higher level words. (Word attack skills include things like dividing words into syllables, making analogies to other words, sounding out the word with the accent on different word parts, recognizing affixes, etc…)

After completing AAR 4, here are some recommendations:

Read-read-read! Get your student hooked on an age-appropriate series. Subscribe to kid-friendly magazines, check out tons of books from the library, have him read instructions for games he wants to play.

Have the student keep reading aloud a little each day, and you can use all of the strategies that he has learned to help him decode unfamiliar words.

Set a daily reading time for your student to read for 30 minutes. Choose books that interest your student, both fiction and non-fiction. You can also choose books that correlate to other things you are studying, such as historical fiction or Usborne books that cover science topics. Possible sources:

Literature-based curriculum such as Sonlight
Resource books like Honey for a Child’s Heart
The 1000 Good Books List
Books for Boys and Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day

Make and use flashcards for review (this helps quite a bit!).

The study of Greek and Latin roots can be helpful.

Complete the All About Spelling program, which supports reading.

Keep reading aloud to him.

For most kids, reading and being read to are the best ways to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary. If you need or want to provide extra vocabulary support: Marie recommends Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction by Isabel Beck (good for all ages).

I hope this helps!


This helps so much! Thanks for taking the time to respond! It is much appreciated!

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