Advice on Scheduling with Appointments

Help! I was so excited to think that next year (which starts June 1 for us) we could really stick to a better schedule every single day since I won’t be babysitting on Fridays and such. BUT. My sweet 7 year old daughter is now having to take allergy shots 2 mornings a week for at least one year, with 4 more years after that of random appointments for shots. So, Mondays and Wednesdays we drive 30 minutes each way, get a shot, sit in the office for 20 minutes to be sure there’s no reaction, and drive back home. I have my other 2 (soon to be 3) small kids with me, and trying to do school while on the road and at the office is proving far more difficult than I expected. I thought about switching to afternoon appointments, but that won’t work because the clinic says they are very busy in the afternoons with traditional school children, plus I need to be back home to cook dinner and the girls also have dance, etc. in the afternoons. I’m a bit unsure of how this will play out. I feel like we are doing something different every single day and I’m afraid their schoolwork is going to suffer for it next year. :frowning: Any advice?

Can you change around the subjects you do daily to accommodate the appointments? Do any of your curriculum choices have audio that you can use in the car? Can you start earlier on tuesday/thursday to accommodate a late start on monday/wednesday? Or school on Saturday? Lots of questions, but these were the first thoughts to come to mind. :slight_smile:

Good morning!
I, too know the struggles that go with reoccurring doctors’ appointments. We have done a traditional 5 day a week schedule for the last two years (first and second grades for my sick one and kindergarten and first for my younger son).
After much consideration and even a suggestion from the boys, we will be using a 4 day per week schedule this coming fall. I am seeing benefits to this already as we will not be trying to “make up” days each weekend. I also am looking at scheduling another day with a lighter load, just in case . . . .
If an alternate schedule will work within your area, please think about it.
As an aside, I was an allergy shot kid and I really struggled learning on the days I got my shots. If the serum contents changed or if the doses were adjusted up, too quickly, I struggled. At times, the morning dose of antihistamine made me so sleepy, I couldn’t function either, If you can find ways to be flexible and accommodate these struggles, your daughter will still learn just fine. At the end of the shots, I hope she has the results I had - NO MORE ALLERGY PROBLEMS. Good luck! :relaxed:


Another thought is year-round schooling. Days can be a bit shorter and more flexible that way.