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We just started traditional homeschooling after leaving virtual public school a couple of months ago and now I’m still finding myself scrambling to get a good curriculum together. My kids are terrible spellers so I purchased AAS level 1 and will start that this coming week. My question is that I read that there are 7 levels that will get them to a high school level of spelling. Will it be too late then to start this program with my 3rd and 5th grade girls? It sounds terrible but I think I need to start at level 1 with them.

Each level is sorted into steps not weeks. So you do not need to take a week for each spelling list requiring 36 weeks to complete each book. So it is very possible to move through quickly or take as long as you need. The first level has just 24 steps , the second has 25, and the 3rd has 28 etc. Depending on how quickly they can master the phonograms, and applications, you could easily move through the first, 2nd, and even 3 rd levels with older kids, in 1 school year. I did the same thing with my 3rd grader who just wasn’t getting it with our other program. I am glad that I started at one even though it seemed too simple, because it helped him with understanding how to break down the words, and got him in the “groove” of how the program works. It is working out very well now.

I agree with the other poster, even though you start at 1 your children will get a solid foundation and you can move as quickly or slowly as you need to. I didn’t really follow the lessons exactly mapped out and worded in the book, but I do follow the rules, how’s and whys to the spelling they cover. It can be costly, but I found some great deals on eBay and I just buy the teacher book and the card packs. I don’t use the other stuff, but it’s totally up to you and your teaching style of all you want to purchase. I have a 2nd grader as my oldest and she’s already ready to start on level 3.

Thank you both so much! That sounds perfect for what I was looking for.

My son is starting level 1 next week as well and he is in the middle of his second grade year. It starts at their skill.

Not at all, and almost everyone starts with level 1 (even if they’re starting as teens). I actually started my kids at the end of 3rd and 5th grades. That first year they did levels 1, 2, and part of 3 (the oldest almost finished 3). Then after that, they did about a level and a half for a couple of years, and slowed down to a level per year in 6 and 7.

Just keep working at their pace with short daily lessons, and do as much review as they need to master things (really make use of that review box, especially as you move up in the levels). AAS turned so many things around for my kids. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

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Mine were struggling spellers too, although if they were graded on phonetic spelling they’d “ace” it! We decided in October to start spelling wholeheartedly and are moving rapidly though all 7 levels of AAS this school year @ one lesson day. We start level 3 this Monday. My boys really enjoy it. I am not using the letter tiles although highly recommend using them. My older boys as they are ‘bored’ with them having used them for AAR. Instead I use a red pen and blue pen to print out the word during the instruction time. Lessons are quick at 15-20 min. I also dictate all the words, more words, phrases and sentences in each lesson, instead of spreading them out over several days as is suggested in the curriculum. Starting off at level 1 will give them the skills to ‘hear’ letter sounds, give the ground rules for spelling and will build their confidence as they see how quickly spelling can be accomplished. You’re doing great!

Thanks so much for the encouragement Keepinup. :slight_smile: We are enjoying it thus far and even I am learning things in level 1!

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