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ADHD and Homeschooling How do we do this?

Hi Im new to the blog word and the homeschooling. My son is 7 yr old and for that last 3 yrs we have been trying to work with his school and his ADHD. Its not working out. We tried with med but he would have bad mood swings and lost of appetite. He lost 3 lb last year. So that’s out. Now for the millionth time we have a meeting with his teachers, principle, counselors, nutritionist and behavior analysis… And my husband and i have decided that maybe homeschooling mite be better for him. My question here is, How do i start that idea and have it succeed. where do i go to get the best help. now what?

You can succeed at homeschooling AHDA, but you will need help. The first call I would make would be to Homeschool Legal Defense (HSLDA) - you can go to their website Ask for their Special Needs department and they can be a tremendous help. Deciding to homeschool your child is one of the best decisions you can make. Trust your instincts.

I would also highly recommend the following book: (Amazon)
“Finally Focused”: The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD That Restores Attention, Minimizes Hyperactivity, and Helps Eliminate Drug Side Effects

Greenblatt M.D., James

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Hi. I homeschooled my son because school wasn’t working for him, and only later learned he had ADD. Homeschool can be so great with kids like ours. Less distractions, more individualized learning that can tap into their interest, and learning takes much less time at home, leaving them less stress and with more time for free play which is so good for them.

Moms4Change has good advice. You will want to find out what the laws in your state are regarding homeschooling. Then, next you need to look into curriculum. When I started I didn’t get all my curriculum at once…I started with math and reading and than gradually added in the other subjects. That was a lot easier because I was learning the curriculum one at a time, and not all at once.

Another way to start might be with a unit study curriculum. Unit studies are shorter curriculum on one interest based subject that last for anywhere from a week to a few months, and usually bring in different subjects in relation to the topic. (Like if you were studying dinosaurs you might have math related to dinosaur length, or practice handwriting by copying dinosaur facts, etc.) Starting out with one of these would be a good way to test out how you like to teach and how your child likes to learn, so you can be better know what you’re looking for in the next curriculum.

Most of all, don’t worry…teaching is learned by doing. And you have a lot more wiggle room to make mistakes, search out solutions, and adjust how you do things as a homeschooler than a classroom teacher has. You got this!

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